26 April 2016


At the end of 2015 the market for the Internet of Things in Italy was worth 2 billion euros, an increase of 30% on 2014. Although IoT may have opened a limitless application scenario, connected cars in Italy capture the 24% of the market, representing around half a billion euros of business. This is the result of the research conducted by the Internet of Things Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management and presented at the Conference „Internet of Things: the future is now!”. In new mobility services, car sharing is tipped to have the greatest growth prospects, with the Boston Consulting Group pointing to Europe as the area with greatest potential over the next 5 years: by 2021 there will be an estimated 35 million users generating 4.7 billion euros of revenue. Connected vehicles and smart mobility are opening up extraordinary market opportunities. And that’s not all. Italy is at the forefront of technological expertise in this area.

It’s a scenario where Targa Telematics stands out for its innovative, consolidated fleet management and car sharing platform, highlighted both in the 2015 Berg Insight “Fleet Management in Europe” report and the “The Car Sharing Telematics Market” report. What this means is the delivery of an integrated system that fully meets the priorities of the fleet managers.

These priorities are clearly spelled out in the latest survey sponsored by Top Thousands. It talks about growth, employee satisfaction, reducing overall fleet costs, improving reporting and data management. And the survey also underlines the increasing importance of corporate car sharing in Italy: nearly 50% of companies are already using it. It is clear that a unique fleet monitoring and car sharing platform allows the fleet manager to avoid unexpected costs, having everything under control.

Targa Telematics has developed a fleet management and asset management culture based on more than 10 years experience in managing large company fleets. The solutions it offers today respond to the needs expressed by fleet managers.

Car sharing allows you to optimise fleet costs, encourage the use of electric cars, provide greater environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions and extending the use of cars to other urban areas. It also has positive organisational impacts because it allows the sharing of assets over among employees.

Targa Telematics Car Sharing enables new mobility services for the corporate world, for consumer customers and for providers of car sharing services to the public. In  addition, it has already brought  some  innovations  to  the  business  model  of  short  term  rental  companies,  with improvements to the vehicle release and return process, and the possible provision of a non-­stop service, available 24 hours a day. The technology, developed by Targa Telematics in 2014, had its first international showcase during the six months of Expo. At the Milan fair last summer, the solution was used by delegates on FIAT 500 L cars. The service allows precise fleet dimensioning, efficient management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, configuration of vehicle booking and assignment, and usage policies (fuel, permitted areas, prohibited areas etc.). Targa Telematics Car Sharing stands out for its simple and intuitive user experience in all stages of the rental process, while also keeping control of cost items of the company fleet. The service is currently available in the cities of Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin. The solution is conveyed through partners – primarily long and short-­term rental companies and internationally prominent electricity providers. It can be implemented on all vehicles in circulation without any particular distinction between brands. The service is modular, with full customer service and care through all stages from maintenance, cleaning and refuelling, to help desk and verification of correct use according to rental policy. In the corporate environment it provides further benefits through integration with company infrastructure and company recognition systems: the badge becomes a tool to access the cars and the service.






Chief Marketing Officer

Silvia Salemi, Tel [+39] 0422 247915 – Mob. [+39] 347 5635278 silvia.salemi@targatelematics.com



Targa Telematics offers a range of high-­tech services for car rentals, fleets, car manufacturers and insurance companies. It provides high added-­value fleet management solutions that allow companies to monitor and reduce operating costs, increase vehicle efficiency, manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and ensure the safety of the vehicle and driver. It also provides a car sharing platform that promotes efficient use of shared fleets in B2B and B2C markets. Today the company has more than 2,200 customers and manages more than 120,000 devices. The development team adopts agile development methodologies that integrate rapidly with third-­party systems and release continuous value to the customer.



Targa Telematics is part of the Elda Group, a pioneer in the development of GIS software (Geographic Information System) in Italy in the 1980s. At the end of the 1990s it partnered with Navteq to create the Italian map database for navigation systems. In 2000 it consolidated its technology and expertise in mapping and tracking systems for web-­based and mobile platforms with the setting up of the Group Innovation Development Centre, UbiEst. In 2005 the company acquired Targa Infomobility from the FIAT Group and became a benchmark in telematic skills and services for the automotive market. The year 2009 saw the creation of a joint venture with the multinational Topcon Positioning Systems (Tierra) for the supply of telematic services to the agricultural and construction machinery market. By 2016 the Group manages more than 250,000 global assets.