30 Mai 2017

Electric Mobility: Targa Telematics among italian excellence presented in Brussels.

Enel and Symbola Foundation have presented a study on the technologies and talents in the supply chain of Italian-made electric mobility. Targa Telematics, part of the study.

On the eve of the unveiling of the European Commission’s plan for sustainable mobility, ENEL and the Symbola Foundation presented their study „100 Italian E-­Mobility stories” in Brussels.  ENEL Managing Director, Francesco Starace, and Symbola Chairman, Ermete Realacci, presented the report for the first time at European level to MEPs Simona Bonafè and Claude Turmes and to Nikolaus von Peter from the team of Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. The document highlights the Italian talents leading the way in the new era of sustainable mobility – a higher priority than ever before in EU strategy. „The time is now and the technology is here„, said Starace. „Over the next two years there will be a rapid spread of electric cars and Italy is ready for it”. ENEL is working hard to complete the necessary charging infrastructure and has chosen Targa Telematics as the technology partner to address this important challenge.

„We are once again proud to partner with ENEL and work synergistically to finalise the digitisation process“, said Targa Telematics CEO Nicola De Mattia. „Our company is at the centre of an extremely dynamic market and has a key role in the development of car sharing and Mobility 4.0”.







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