31 Mai 2018

Targa Telematics has developed the core technology of Eppy, the 100% electric Car Sharing service launched by the municipality of Latina.

Latina will be the first town in Italy to have a fully electric car sharing service with Eppy – the acronym of “Elettra point-to-point by yourself”. This innovative project was approved by the Municipality of Latina and the task of its implementation was awarded to Alea Mobilità Urbana. The core technology of Eppy was developed by Targa Telematics, leader in solutions for vehicle rental companies and shared mobility, with over twenty years of experience in telematics and connected vehicles.

The municipal administration’s goal is to encourage the use of shared electric cars, not only around the city but also for travel to Latina Lido, the neighbouring municipalities and to Rome, considering that each vehicle has a 280-kilometre range. Twenty cars have been provided, with two Renault models available: the Zoe and the Kangoo. The Zoe is aimed at people who make medium-long journeys, while the Kangoo is intended for small and medium-sized businesses that occasionally need an extra vehicle, or families who need to carry bulky objects or purchase large items. Fifteen columns distributed in the main mobility attractor centres of the city will make up a total of 30 charging points. The Targa Telematics digital platform manages the technology of the service, from user registration to vehicle booking to the various payment methods. With the mobile app, the user can book, pick up and return the electric car to the charging columns. There’s no need to retrieve car keys, because everything is managed with the smartphone: door opening and closing, vehicle availability and location, and access to rental and payment information. Service manager Alea Mobilità Urbana also gets specific routine maintenance alerts and receives all the information needed for the optimisation of fleet management.

This car sharing project, introduced as a mobility service to complement local public transport, will be able to provide statistical data to help the Municipality of Latina optimise its choices on future urban mobility, with particular attention to the environment. This information will be collected and supplied by the Targa Telematics digital platform.

„The Eppy project is part of our strategy to provide car sharing not just for private companies, but also, as in this case, for the public“, comments Alberto Falcione, VP Sales of Targa Telematics. „We want to help implement innovative mobility models by taking part in virtuous projects like this, which aims to effect change in culture and people’s habits and safeguard the environment for a more sustainable future“.







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