22 Juni 2017

Targa Telematics Joins Aniasa.

The ICT company joins forces with the Confindustria Association as an acknowledged leading player in the field of technological and innovative solutions for the „Internet Of Cars“.

Its official – Targa Telematics has joined ANIASA, the National Association for the Car Rental Automotive  Services  Industry,  which  since  1965  as  parof  the  Confindustria  system  has represented firms that provide hire vehicles without drivers and mobility-­related services.

With the entry of Targa Telematics ANIASA will have attracted fifty members, giving further proof of the importance of new – and now rapidly spreading – forms of Mobility 4.0 and the evolution of the Internet of Cars (one of main branches of the Internet of Things), an area where the company is a key player in the development of innovative solutions for sustainable, digital and integrated mobility.

Targa Telematics AD Nicola De Mattia says: „Being part of ANIASA allows us to broaden our horizons and to grow in a context of continuous evolution and radical change. Membership of the association is an important opportunity for sharing ideas, projects and knowledge, and allows us to make our contribution to a booming market with our many years of experience and know-­how“.

The company offers high-­tech solutions for diverse departmental areas ranging from asset management through company fleet operation, insurance telematics, devices for monitoring and reducing operating costs, emergency management and airport handling. Every day it works with over 2,000 companies, monitoring more than 250,000 vehicles through its devices. It is a first-­choice also in smart mobility and car sharing and in the development of integrated systems, with the capability to cover all the requirements of effective fleet monitoring.

“The future, concludes De Mattia, “will present us important opportunities, which we must be able to fully grasp. For several years now, we at Targa Telematics have been involved with our partners in the co-­creation development of innovative solutions for mobility, generating added value and keeping pace with and, indeed, sometimes anticipating epoch-­making changes in the era of the digital revolution. We are confident that the collaboration with ANIASA will  be a strategic and effective driver for Industry 4.0 for both parties.







Chief Marketing Officer

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