30 September 2020

Targa Telematics presents Targa Best Choice, a tool to monitor the efficiency and profitability of an electric conversion of fleet vehicles.

Based on an analysis of a range of parameters, the tool allows car rental companies and fleet managers  to optimize the entire fleet and identify cars that can be replaced with electrically powered models.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the management of company fleets through telematics, Targa Telematics has developed Targa Best Choice, a tool that allows fleet managers and the sales force of long-term rental companies to analyze the entire fleet to identify savings opportunities both in terms of costs and environmental impact, and evaluate the cars that are candidates for replacement with electric models.

According to recent report, in the UK in August 2020 there would have been an increase for EVs of 77.6% compared to August 2019*.

“This is a fact that we are conscious of and that we monitor”, explained Alberto Falcione, VP Sales of Targa Telematics. “Obviously in absolute numbers we’re talking about just a few thousand cars, but the data show a trend in the industry and our task is to know how to interpret it and then develop and provide our customers with the solutions that the market demands.”

Thanks to Targa Telematics‘ innovative technology, Targa Best Choice analyzes a number of parameters including the historical data of the individual car, the type of driving and the context it is used in for an objective assessment of the efficiency and profitability of a possible reconversion of the cars, identifying the best choice of propulsion between thermal and hybrid electricity.

The operation of the tool is very simple: just enter the license plate number of a connected car and, based on the information collected, the company produces a report on potential savings and CO2 reductions so that fleet managers can assess the entire fleet.

Once the test has been completed, Targa Telematics continues to assist the customer in managing the fleet’s conversion, developing a plan for fleet managers interested in switching to electricity not only for reasons of environmental sustainability – the reduction of carbon footprint deriving from cars – but also for the considerable positive impact that this has on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in terms of reducing fuel and maintenance expenses, as well as other costs, such as the payment of fees in areas with limited traffic or for parking.

Once the fleet replacement and optimization project has been completed, the system continues to support the fleet manager in the management of electric vehicles by providing tools that enable the proper use of batteries, sizing and organization of the charging infrastructure, verification of recharging, allowing optimal use also by drivers.

An analysis performed by the company on the fleets of long-term renters found that the possible conversion rate of a fleet is often much higher than initially assumed by fleet managers: it was found that 70% of vehicles of a large fleet could be easily replaced by electrically powered cars.

“Today more than ever digital technologies can offer a valuable contribution to the management and design of new forms of innovative and sustainable mobility, aspects that have always guided Targa Telematics’ research and development in the creation of complete, profitable solutions that are easily usable and implementable by its customers, but also for the benefit of the environment we live in”, concludes Falcione.

*Source: Driving Electric.com




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