26 März 2024

Targa Telematics unveils the first Fleet Management solutions after the acquisition of Viasat.

Thanks to the Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced solutions, Targa Telematics is expanding its portfolio of offerings for the transportation and logistics market.


Targa Telematics – a leading global player in the field of technologies dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and to the development of digital solutions and platforms for connected mobility, has unveiled its first solutions after the acquisition of Viasat.

Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced convert real-time data collected from vehicles, such as passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, into fleet management services. These services enable costs reduction, processes improvement and protection against theft or misuse through Stolen Vehicle Tracking. They also allow users to view reports on driving style and accidents. The Viasat Fleet Advanced version includes a maintenance management function and monitoring of fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

These are the first Viasat solutions integrated with Targa Telematics’ IoT platform, provided across the entire European market and in Chile. This expansion confirms the company’s commitment to extend its international reach and strengthen its presence in existing markets.  Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced offer a standard solution, which doesn’t require special customization, while ensuring high quality and uniformity. This is made possible by the company’s consolidated experience and ability to manage significant volumes.

“Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced are the result of the integration of Viasat solutions into the Targa Telematics technology platform”, said Alberto Falcione, Vice President for Sales of Targa Telematics. “This integration, accomplished in less than a year after the acquisition, was made possible by the harmony and synergy between the sales and Go to Market teams, who have worked together to provide a highly innovative solution. On the one hand, we have benefited from the expertise in the logistics and transportation sectors. On the other hand, technological innovation has been constantly driven by an ongoing commitment to R&D, allowing us to enrich Viasat solutions with new features”.

Fleet Start and Advanced solutions provide an immediate fleet overview, identifying efficiency opportunities within seconds through a web-based platform; if necessary, data streams can be integrated with the customer’s IT systems or existing platforms, enabling automation of activities and the billing process. Installation of the on-board device is quick and non-invasive, so that the productivity of the fleet itself is not impacted.




Targa Telematics is one of the main global players in the IoT field and in developing solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility. For over 20 years, the company has been bringing to the market a range of telematics technology solutions, smart mobility and IoT platforms for short and long-term rental companies, financial companies and large fleets, ranging from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, from remote diagnostics and telemetry of vehicles, professional and construction vehicles, to the management of airport vehicles. Following the acquisition of Viasat Group – finalized in 2023 – Targa Telematics has strengthened its footprint in European markets – thanks to a strong presence in countries such as Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Romania – as well as Chile. The company is able to work on projects at international level with dedicated local teams. Targa Telematics participates in the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business.

For more information: www.targatelematics.com



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