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Berg Insight: Fleet Management in Europe, 2016 Report

By 2020, 10.6 million fleet management systems will be active in Europe: Targa Telematics will start entering the top 10 of the vendors. According to the Swedish Research Company specializing in the M2M / IoT market, the last quarter of 2015 recorded 5.3 million commercial vehicles equipped with a fleet management system. Growing at a […]

Presentation 15th ANIASA Report – Milan

Will be held on May 31 (at 11.00 am ) in Milan (Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5) the Assembly Public ANIASA which will see the presentation of the 15th Report of the Association with information , scenarios and trends on the development of the rental business vehicles and car sharing in Italy. The event will […]

Fleet Magazine: Workshop “Ready for the (car) sharing economy!”

May 16 – The event saw the encounter and confrontation between the Fleet Manager of some of the major Italian companies and four companies providing car sharing company. […] Massimiliano Balbo (Targa Telematics) explained the system of corporate car sharing of his company, active for two years, and focused on black-box and managing by a […]

Mobility in Italy: Targa Telematics’ Car Sharing

Our Car Sharing solutions offer new mobility services for corporate, consumer and service providers. Our last innovation is enabling new business model in the short term rental car company sector with a full service provision 24 H/7 day. Nicola De Mattia, CEO Targa Telematics