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    Targa Telematics provides the solution for the management and monitoring of ground support equipment (GSE) delivering reduced costs, operators safety and compliance with rules and procedures in terms of security.

AGS Corporation, founded in 2004 as part of AVIOGEI Group, supplies a wide range of services to airport operators worldwide.


AGS Corporation began working with Targa Telematics to provide telematic services and smart mobility to all commercial vehicles deployed at airports. This partnership gave rise to the Europe-wide “ground radar” project, which eliminates the risk of contact between aircraft and vehicles operating in the airport, thereby boosting safety levels. The overall improved planning of the airport vehicle fleet delivers a substantial reduction in operating costs, such as fuel consumption, and helps enhance performance.

The use of telematics in the airport entails an increase in security.
The GSE management solution is currently in use internationally in Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.


Targa Telematics has developed a technology platform for AGS that will enable the optimal planning of vehicle deployment, as well as reporting for cost-saving policies.

AGS Corporation deals with the handling of professional fleets that operate in the various areas of the airport. The goal is real-time monitoring of GSE vehicles, ensuring the safety of ground activities in support of flights and the improved performance of all vehicles through precise and detailed planning of activities.

Targa Telematics platform enables the remote monitoring and management of airport vehicles with benefits in terms of safety and cost reductions for all operators involved: supervisory and control authorities, airlines, airport equipment and vehicle operators.

The data collected by the technology of Targa Telematics allow the generation of automated and customised reports, available in real time, 24 hours a day, on any device via secure and protected login.

The authentication system ensures that only authorised personnel can operate on vehicles. Additionally, by configuring the automatic alerts you can constantly check compliance with the rules laid down by current law regarding the use of the vehicles.

Vehicle efficiency is ensured by the diagnostic and maintenance system, which sends specific alerts in the event of breakdowns, allowing mechanics to intervene promptly and ensure continuity of service. The fleet can be sized on a daily basis and planned for the long term, based on historic use data, thus helping reduce operational costs such as fuel and maintenance.


The partnership between AGS Corporation and Targa Telematics has created a complete and integrated solution. The observed benefits are: constant monitoring, increased safety, reduced operating costs and maximum fleet efficiency.

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