Enel - Targa Telematics

  • 100% ELECTRIC CAR SHARING: e-mobility finds new business models

    The Targa Telematics technology platform is an innovative solution that allows Enel to promote and spread the use of electric cars in a car sharing service, thus promoting the use of environmentally friendly energy.

ENEL S.p.A., a multinational producer and distributor of electricity and gas, operates in more than 31 countries over 5 continents. It is the largest electricity producer in Italy and the largest integrated utility in Europe.


E-mobility is key to the ENEL Group’s strategy of capitalising on the transformation of the energy industry and harnessing the opportunities offered by new technologies, reducing air and environmental pollution and offering leading-edge solutions aimed at facilitating access to more open and sustainable energy.

The Targa Telematics solution provides users with state-of-the-art, totally environmentally-friendly services. It can raise awareness in public administration agencies, for example universities, health services and public bodies, regarding the use of 100% electric car-sharing services; and in the private sector it can guide private companies towards the adoption of innovative car sharing programmes for more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable mobility.

This confirms Enel as an efficient and proactive operator capable of taking on increasingly competitive energy markets and offering customers innovative services.


The Targa Telematics solution

Targa Telematics has developed the core technology of E-go car sharing, integrating it with Enel systems. The platform manages the various phases of the service, from user registration to the sharing of the vehicles, to the various payment methods. With the mobile app users can book, pick up and return the electric car to the charging stations.

There is no longer any need to have the vehicle keys to hand because everything is managed by smartphone: the opening and closing of the car, the localisation and status of available vehicles, route planning and access to rental and payment data.

With Targa Telematics’ innovative solution, Enel offers the best user experience in electric vehicle sharing.

A complete business solution

The Targa Telematics solution allows ENEL customers to enjoy the benefits of electric car sharing, not only in terms of money savings, but also as a way of protecting the environment and leading the way towards a more sustainable, zero-emissions future.

Targa Telematics has been selected by Enel and Fondazione Symbola as one of the “100 Italian E-Mobility stories” in a report that highlights outstanding electric mobility experiences in Italian industry.