Vodafone - Targa Telematics


    Smart Fleet Vodafone

    Targa Telematics is the technological partner in IoT and IoC smart fleet solution.

With more than 434 million customers, Vodafone is the leading global mobile operator, directly present in 27 countries and in partnerships in over 43 countries.


Since 2009, there are now more than 200 Vodafone customers using solutions developed in partnership with Targa Telematics. Customers such as Aven, Sittel, Securitas Metronotte just to name a few.

Targa Telematics solutions for Vodafone

Targa Telematics offers complete and easy-to-manage IoT and IoC solutions that can adapt flexibly to customer needs.

Vodafone chose the Targa Telematics Fleet Management platform as a solution of excellence, to track and remotely control business, commercial and industrial vehicles as well as monitor their costs. The main benefits are: simplified management, optimisation of operating costs, more efficient vehicle allocation and maintenance.

A complete business solution

The collaboration between the two partners has generated an integrated solution that covers: device supply, connectivity, installation, personnel training and customer support on the fleet management platform, based on innovative and user friendly technology.

The business user’s investment in the smart fleet solution pays for itself quickly with immediate benefits in terms of efficiency and fleet optimisation.