LeasePlan’s Corporate Car Sharing: the simple and safe business mobility solution.

“We are very proud to have chosen a reliable and authoritative partner such as Targa Telematics for this important product, which, with the difficulties of public transport in this reopening phase, can make a concrete contribution to mobility and the eagerly-awaited recovery of the automotive sector in this country and the economy in general”.

Alberto Viano, CEO of LeasePlan Italia.



LeasePlan is one of the largest companies in the long-term lease and mobility services market in Italy. It is active in two major markets: Car-as-a-Service for new cars and the high quality 3-4-year-old used car market through Today it manages 1.9 million vehicles in over 30 countries.



With a mission to provide ‘the next big thing’ in the mobility sector, LeasePlan intends to offer Corporate Car Sharing designed for companies looking for a safe, affordable means of travel for their employees who haven’t been assigned a company car. Targa Telematics technologies and applications allow LeasePlan to offer user-friendly mobility solutions for drivers and to support the activities of fleet and mobility managers engaged in managing the safe travel of employees, giving them a valid alternative to public transport.



The Corporate Car Sharing solution is based on Targa Telematics’ Open Mobility Platform, including a web portal and a mobile app. Through these tools it is possible for the employee to book a vehicle, specifying the time, date, and pickup location, view scheduled trips and booking history, receive push notifications, and contact the 24/7 help desk if assistance is required. 

The keyless vehicle access technology utilized makes it possible to offer an easy-to-use service, accessible at all times and without the need for direct contact between users. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with company systems and processes, simplifying fleet management activity, from checking availability to booking vehicles and generating reports. 

Corporate Car Sharing is compatible with all fleets, including those equipped with electric vehicles. On average, for a fleet of 100 vehicles, savings translate into a 15% reduction in fuel consumption and consequently CO2 introduced into the environment, as well as a 20% reduction in the average kilometers traveled. The solution removes many of the inefficiencies related to manually managing reservations, saving time, resources and the helping the environment.



The Targa Telematics Corporate Car Sharing solution allows you to optimize fleet usage and reduce the overall number of vehicles in the fleet.

It provides Fleet Managers with tools to monitor utilization and make correct and timely decisions. With a simple implementation process, and intuitive user interfaces for the Fleet Manager and company employees, the solution makes shared mobility easy to use, fast, and efficient for everyone.

  • Optimized management of the fleet and individual vehicles
  • Increased vehicle utilization and reduced costs
  • Reduction in overall CO2 emissions
  • Robust and scalable solution available 24/7
  • Keyless technology allows easy and secure access to vehicles for approved employees via Smartphone and/or RFID card
  • Reduced expenditure on other modes of travel (taxis, trains)
  • Option to implement automated billing for personal use of company vehicles, based on time and/or mileage
  • 24/7 professional support