Fleet Magazine: Workshop “Ready for the (car) sharing economy!”

May 16 – The event saw the encounter and confrontation between the Fleet Manager of some of the major Italian companies and four companies providing car sharing company. […] Massimiliano Balbo (Targa Telematics) explained the system of corporate car sharing of his company, active for two years, and focused on black-box and managing by a platform that allows you to manage the whole process […] the Fleet Manager present expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the workshop. “Top Thousand believes very much in the discussion and the Fleet and Mobility Manager much they want to find out what’s on offer – said Riccardo Vitelli, president of Top Thousand – This meeting reflects the philosophy of the Agora, which is very dear.” With a strong know-how within thirty telematics, Targa Telematics entered the world of corporate car sharing for two years. “We noticed a big interest from our customers and we have seen in this solution an excellent development and synergy with the part of telematics” says Balbo.

Targa Telematics | Workshop Car Sharing Economy