Leasys chooses Targa Telematics for I-Share, the Corporate Car Sharing solution.


Leasys, an equal joint venture between Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, offers mobility solutions for medium- to long-term rentals and corporate fleet management systems that ensure efficient, rational, safe, and sustainable mobility. Arising from the merger of two leading companies in the sector, Leasys and Free2Move Lease, it is among the top players in the European market. Leasys boasts a fleet of more than 870,000 vehicles across 11 countries: Italy, Austria, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Luxembourg.


Corporate Car Sharing represents an evolution compared to the traditional corporate fleet model. This innovative approach combines the established concept of long-term rental with the concept of managing and sharing vehicles within a company. Its objective is to swiftly reduce the overall number of corporate vehicles and lower costs. In this context, Targa Telematics leverages its consolidated experience to assist Leasys in implementing and expanding their offer for the Italian market’s new mobility products. This collaboration aims to develop a fully customized digital solution within tight deadlines. Such a solution enables the evolution towards advanced applications for monitoring vehicle status, enhancing efficiency in terms of Total Cost of Ownership, and promoting a greener fleet through reduced CO2 emissions.


I-Share is the Corporate Car Sharing solution introduced by Leasys in Italy, developed with the support and technology of Targa Telematics. This digital solution optimizes the management and monitoring of shared vehicles. In particular, the I-Share service incorporates Targa Telematics’ latest generation ‘keyless’ technologies, enabling drivers to reserve, pick up, and drop off vehicles autonomously, without direct contact. It includes a user-friendly mobile app for drivers and a new website for fleet managers. The dashboard offers various features to facilitate fleet management and monitor vehicle status. Additionally, I-Share can accommodate electric and hybrid vehicles, meeting the needs of companies aiming to adopt sustainable fleets without access restrictions in urban areas. This approach aligns with the vision of modern forward-looking companies, promoting environmental sustainability policies (ESG) and contributing to a greener future.


Leasys Corporate Car Sharing offers an optimal solution for companies looking to efficiently share corporate vehicles while minimizing operational costs. By streamlining vehicle utilization and reducing the overall fleet size, this service maximizes operational efficiency. Its straightforward implementation process makes it easily adaptable for fleet and mobility managers, ensuring a seamless transition to shared mobility solutions. This makes shared mobility easily accessible, fast, and efficient for all employees.

  • Fleet and individual vehicle management optimization
  • Increased driver pool and cost reduction
  • Secure ‘keyless’ technology for access control
  • Reduced expenses on alternative transportation modes
  • Automated billing for personal use
  • 24/7 professional assistance
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions