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Targa Telematics, a tech company specialised in the development of digital solutions in connected mobility, has signed a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH, a subsidiary of the German manufacturer dedicated to digital data solutions.

The Shift to Electric

With this collaboration, Targa Telematics becomes a “Trusted Partner” for the integration of technology platforms and the development of connected car solutions. Targa Telematics’ platform will be able to integrate data via an API/interface developed by Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services.

This will enable Targa Telematics to provide numerous services to its customers, simplifying the provisioning process on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This process is available for all the customers that will consent in advance in accordance with the GDPR. Data protection and GDPR-compliant data processing are constantly ensured by a mutual control mechanism between Targa Telematics and Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services.

Ph. Credits: Wirestock – stock.adobe.com
Ph. Credits: Wirestock – stock.adobe.com

Managing a Green Fleet

This is a further step for Targa Telematics, which continues to enhance its partnerships and strengthen its leadership in mobility solutions for large fleets, short and long-term rentals, finance and insurance companies.

In a market where hardware solutions installed on-board in the latest vehicles by OEMs are significantly on the rise, the tech company continues its path to consolidate its distinct positioning as one of the only companies providing services based on hardware components developed by manufacturers. Hardware components are fully integrated with their own high quality after-market black boxes to provide the most complete, homogeneous, high-performance, reliable services for large all-makes fleets, minimising any operational impact on its customers. 

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Corporate Car Sharing

“We are extremely proud to be a Trusted Partner of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, and to have started a very promising collaboration that allows us to increasingly support our customers even in Fleet Management and Smart Mobility,” commented Alberto Falcione, VP Sales of Targa Telematics.

“Thanks to the data integration from Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services within our proprietary ‘hardware agnostic’ platform, we are able to use even simpler and more efficient telematics technology, reducing the impact of device installation and maximising the value for the customer.” 

Ph. Credits: Ivan Kurmyshov – stock.adobe.com