For a fast empowerment of fleets and smart mobility services

Targa Telematics is a leading expert in managing automotive OEM vehicle data for B2B purposes. Most modern vehicles are manufactured with connected sensors embedded inside, and generate information such as geolocation, mileage, speed, vehicle health, servicing data that can be collected remotely in real-time.

With Targa Telematics, leveraging this OEM connected vehicle data is a fast and easy way to gain powerful insights about fleets, or to deliver seamless mobility experiences to customers.

Benefits of OEM connectivity

Immediate activation of service with no vehicle downtime

Datastream available without device installation costs

Connected vehicles are activated remotely in just a few steps

Actual vehicle manufacturer data, compliant with security regulations

Targa Telematics has been successfully delivering solutions with OEM vehicle data since 2017.

The company has formed strategic relationships with many major vehicle manufacturers, and continues to add new partners to its portfolio:

Experience of Targa Telematics

Targa Telematics has a deep expertise in integrating and standardizing connected car data from multiple vehicle manufacturers to deliver a complete suite of mobility services. Where customer’s vehicles are not equipped with embedded sensors, Targa Telematics can quickly install its own manufacturer-approved devices to fill any connectivity gaps within the fleet.

The company adopts cutting-edge technology to collect, process, and harmonize data from OEMs, as well as from any aftermarket devices, providing a comprehensive and unified view of the fleet. Targa Telematics simplifies fleet manager’s duties, allowing them to overcome the technical, commercial, and legal complexities of sourcing OEM data from a number of providers, allowing full visibility of their fleets, regardless of vehicle makes or models.

Benefits of partnering with Targa Telematics for OEM data management


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