14 February 2019

AON is working on new services for mobility in the future and has chosen Targa Telematics as a key technology partner.

The largest insurance broker in the world relies on the know-how of Targa Telematics to meet the new mobility needs of businesses and individuals and to offer innovative insurance products.

AON, the world number one group in risk management, brokerage, credit insurance and reinsurance, has decided to make its bid as a key player in the new forms of mobility for companies and individuals alike. The terms of the project are still top secret but all the ingredients for success are there: major partners, substantial insurance expertise and a big push towards innovation.

The digital platforms of Targa Telematics, a leader in telematics and solutions for smart mobility, enable the development of these modern forms of mobility and now boast numerous new features. These will allow AON to extend innovative services to its customers also in the automotive sector with strongly data-driven solutions. By analysing collected big data, AON will also be able to prepare specific offers for customers based on behaviour, driving style and vehicle management. These offers may be integrated with particularly advanced services to provide various types of driver assistance, supplied by the specialist operating desks of Targa Telematics. In fact, thanks to algorithms developed in many years of field experience and by the use of Artificial Intelligence, Targa Telematics has the highest Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SRV) rate in Europe, assisted by its 24/7 operations centers. These units operate in a predictive and proactive manner and substantially reduce the instances of vehicle theft, but are also effective in intervening promptly when a theft does occur.

The mobility sector is undergoing great upheaval, following and sometimes anticipating changes in the habits and needs of businesses and consumers. For this reason digital insurance is and will continue to be a booming sector, requiring innovation and cutting-edge solutions to meet new needs. Gabriele Ratti, Deputy General Manager of AON Mobility Solutions, comments: “It is about providing instruments appropriate for the transition, now well under way, from vehicle ownership to the concept of “mobility consumption”, in which the offer covers not just the car or transportation, but mobility as a whole. With the technological support and experience of Targa Telematics, we can offer a platform of integrated services to satisfy the user with an easy, economical and rewarding experience.” Alberto Falcione, VP Sales of Targa Telematics, concludes: “For several years now we have promoted new, smart and sustainable forms of mobility. With continuous technological innovation, Targa seeks to ensure that its solutions can accelerator the adoption of new mobility business models. We are honoured by the confidence AON has placed in us and we believe we have found the best partner with whom to collaborate and achieve one of our main goals, which is to be a key player in the mobility of the future.”






Targa Telematics is a company with 20 years’ experience in connected vehicles. It offers technological solutions in telematics, telemetry and smart mobility. It is a leader in digital platforms and applications for short and long-term renters, major finance companies and large fleets, with services ranging from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics of professional vehicles and from construction and agricultural environments to management of airport service vehicles.



Aon is the number one group in Italy and worldwide in risk consulting, human resources, insurance and reinsurance. Aon Italy is the Italian branch of Aon Plc, the parent company listed on the NYSE, with headquarters in London, a presence in more than 120 countries and 50,000 employees. Aon has always closely followed innovation in the dynamic insurance market and provides support and expertise in the definition of strategies to manage and control the various business risks. The Group is present in Italy with 27 major offices and has over 1,600 employees providing professional solutions for effective risk management to SMEs, large industrial and financial groups, as well as public entities. In 2017 the Group earned total revenues of 250 million euro in Italy and brokered premiums amounting to almost 3 billion euro.



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