18 January 2018

Introducing “Targa Plexer Smart” – The new Targa Telematics technology for the automotive industry.

Targa Telematics launches Targa Plexer Smart, a device that’s small in size but big in performance. Packed with innovative features, it is an invaluable tool for rental companies, carmakers and airport fleet managers.

Named Targa Plexer Smart, it is the latest device designed and built by Targa Telematics, the teamwork results of the company’s Research and Development department. A company staffed by highly qualified people and partners and always in tune with the demands and needs of customers. The device is designed to meet specific needs: firstly, it satisfies the highly stringent quality and cybersecurity standards imposed by car makers and complies with requirements for approval certifications in the automotive industry; secondly, it will meet renters’ needs both in the short and long term, offering a product equipped with latest-generation components. It fully meets the requirements of airport environments, where security and reduction of management costs are priorities. In fact, Targa Plexer Smart has the best microprocessors currently available, capable of enabling “edge computing” and artificial intelligence functionalities. In effect, it allows the device to use a series of algorithms that would normally only run on the server side and therefore within the IoT platform. The resultant higher capabilities and real-time processing performance leads to a considerable reduction in data transfer costs. Artificial Intelligence allows the delivery of advanced and increasingly vertically integrated functionalities to the customer, thanks to the self-learning resulting from the specific use by the fleet.

“Targa Plexer Smart’s versatility makes it a strategic instrument that can support change in our partners’ processes and business models”, says Nicola De Mattia, CEO of Targa Telematics. “With this product we have achieved a very ambitious goal, since it can be installed on all vehicles in circulation in any market and represents a great result in terms of innovation”.

Targa Plexer Smart is a compact tool that allows users to collect a mass of information and deliver multiple services. It is equipped with a series of interfaces that can be connected to all the devices that renters need in order to offer their mobility services, such as car sharing or the “full self-service” car rental system. A jewel of technological innovation and the result of significant investment, this product has enormous potential. Designed to be “future-proof”, it will meet emerging needs going forward and offers the option of rapid software updates remotely, delivered in incremental, partial or specific modes. Additionally, it is also easy to install and test but not so easy to remove – a feature that helps Targa Telematics keep its leading position as the company with the highest rate of stolen vehicle recovery in Europe.







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Targa Telematics is a company with 20 years’ experience in connected vehicles. It offers high-tech solutions in the areas of telematics and smart mobility, with particular attention to ease of use. The company’s solutions range from asset to fleet management in the control of operations of big rental fleets and company cars, telematic insurance and devices for the safety of persons on board. Last but not least, Targa Telematics provides management services for professional vehicles in airport environments and for construction equipment rentals, and is a leader in car sharing for public and private companies.