20 April 2018

Targa Telematics and TCR Group present worldwide partnership to Alessio Quaranta DG Enac.

The use of telematics and the application of technology on GSE vehicles brings advantages and benefits to the entire airport sector, above all in terms of security – a crucially important issue for the National Civil Aviation Authority.

This morning in Rome, Targa Telematics and the TCR Group presented their recently-signed worldwide partnership to Alessio Quaranta, Director General of ENAC. The goal of the deal between Targa Telematics and TCR is to improve the processes and tasks of motorised GSE and to improve safety for passengers, operators and groundhandling staff. At the basis of the accord is the companies’ shared desire to address digitalisation and the challenges of the airport sector.

The TCR Group, a world leader in ground support equipment rental and present in over 120 airports around the world, will integrate the Targa Telematics solution, enhancing its range of services available to handlers and airlines.

With its experience in airport telematics – which has also led to its gaining international patents – Targa Telematics supports its partners in maintaining compliance with current safety regulations. On this point, Pierluigi Di Palma, President of Centro Studi Demeter and an authority on matters of airport regulations, explains: “Safety is a fundamentally important issue in air transport and, given the exponential growth of air traffic coupled with the inability to adjust infrastructure correspondingly, the priority is therefore to control the movement of vehicles used in airports through the use of intelligent technologies, allowing the detection and prevention of misuse of every type of machine; another important use is in vehicle pooling, allowing for the marked reduction of “traffic” inside the airport area”.

What also became abundantly clear during the meeting with Alessio Quaranta was the need to promote innovative safety systems capable of controlling airport traffic in order to prevent accidents, alongside the adoption of specific technical regulations to foster their use.




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Targa Telematics is a company with 20 years’ experience in connected vehicles. It offers technological solutions in telematics, telemetry and smart mobility. It is a leader in digital platforms and the development of applications for short and long-term renters, large finance companies and large fleets, with services ranging from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics of professional vehicles and from construction and agricultural environments to management of airport service vehicles.




TCR is headquartered in Zaventem (Brussels’ Airport) since 1999. TCR’s services and pooling offer encompasses GSE rental services, repair & maintenance, fleet services’ management which includes telematics, GSE financing and supply of second hand. The company is the leading GSE rental company in the aviation industry and is active in over 120 airports through 18 countries worldwide managing a total fleet of over 26.000 units of GSE.