12 May 2021

Targa Telematics mentioned in the Berg Insight report on Carsharing.

Targa Telematics, tech company that develops advanced digital platforms in smart mobility, has been mentioned in the latest IoT analytics company, Berg Insight, report among the major IoT platform providers of carsharing services. According to Berg Insight, notwithstanding the global pandemic, in 2020 carsharing services have grown by 10% and will continue to grow steadily in the next five years. The company estimates that by 2025, carsharing services will count for 971.000 vehicles (+16% yearly), involving 190,3 million people (with a yearly growth of +21,5%).

The services that carsharing companies have introduced in the last months, most of which complying with the latest user mobility requirements – such as the need for proximity tourism (such as longer domestic holiday rentals) or taking the car instead of public transportation or taxis – have seen the strategic role of telematics platform providers growing that, thanks to their innovations, allow the management of new services.

Targa Telematics entered the carsharing market in 2014, presenting its platform particularly to companies, councils and renters who want to implement shared mobility solutions to optimize their car fleet mobility, improve viability on their territory and reduce CO2 emissions. The following year, Targa Telematics introduced keyless technology to enable digital renting solutions and, in 2018, peer-to-peer carsharing.

Roberto Bordin, Smart Mobility Product Owner of Targa Telematics, commented: “Targa Telematics approach to smart mobility is not limited to car management, but it is extended to every type of vehicle, with specific modules for electric ones. Additionally, we provide consultancy that helps mobility operators identify the best conditions to successfully implement smart mobility services”.

From a technological perspective, Targa Telematics offers mobility operators solutions for users, car fleet management and for monitoring their performance. The solution includes, other than the platform, web and mobile applications for booking and the use of service for the end users.

Additionally, Targa Telematics offers a 24/7 call center to support end users.

Targa Telematics carsharing solutions can be quickly applied to several cases.  In corporate mobility, for the company car fleet management; in public service, for the local entities who want to offer a valid alternative to public transportation; for the short-term rental mobility operators, by adopting key-less solutions that reduce waiting times and long-term renting with peer-to-peer solutions for their clients.

Roberto Bordin commented: “The speed of implementation and the profitability enabled by the most suitable mobility platform become a crucial asset to compete and win on the market of these new services offered to customers, always in rapid evolution”. Thanks to its great experience, Targa Telematics supports customers in the current digital transformation to enter new mobility markets or to enhance their presence with increasingly competitive offers.




Targa Telematics is an IT company with 20-year of experience in connected vehicles. It provides technological solutions in telematics, smart mobility and digital IoT platforms for mobility operators. The company addresses short and long-term renters, large finance companies and large fleet with a range of services from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics and telemetry for vehicles, professional and construction-site vehicles, through to the management of airport service vehicles. Managing over half a million of connected asset, in 2020 Targa Telematics reported revenues of €40 million, 130 employees and more than 950 customers. For more information: www.targatelematics.com



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