12 February 2021

Targa Telematics receives the 2021 Best Performance Award from SDA Bocconi: growth, innovation and sustainability are the reasons for the prestigious award.

Targa Telematics – an Italian tech company that develops solutions in the IoT field applied to the automotive sector and smart-mobility – has received the prestigious Best Performance Award from SDA Bocconi in the “Best Performing Small Company” category.

The initiative of SDA Bocconi, the best business school in Italy, now in its fourth edition, awards the best companies that stand out for excellence in sustainable development, in its broadest sense, i.e. the ability to do business ensuring business continuity and generating economic, technological, human, social and environmental value. Nearly 600 companies applied and the selection process was carried out with the collaboration of excellent partners such as J.P. Morgan Private Banking, PwC, the EQT private equity fund and Bureau Van Dijk.

In particular, the jury appreciated the distinctive positioning of Targa Telematics, which has imposed itself on the market as a young company (average age below thirty), with a clear vision of the evolution of its target sector, and able to operate on the market in a sustainable manner and with solid execution capability.

Over the last five years, Targa Telematics has undergone a very significant development process, characterized by exponential revenue growth and combining a high level of corporate social responsibility and a strong focus on sustainability issues with excellent operating and financial results. In addition to continuous technological and organizational innovation, there have been many activities in which the company has been able to distinguish itself in its investment choices: from the strong focus on training, to the provision of scholarships, initiatives aimed at the preservation and recovery of the historical and cultural heritage, activities in support of diversity and support to youngsters in university guidance. A result, therefore, that rewards the company’s approach aimed at the continuous innovation of its proprietary technology, which will be the heart of smart mobility of the future, where the focus will be on people and no longer on vehicles. Innovation made possible by the adoption of latest-generation technologies that generate new business models for partner companies and enable innovation capable of revolutionizing the mobility market, with a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

“The search for sustainability, as well as strong corporate social responsibility in general, in doing business are now an essential element and key to the success of a company. – said Nicola De Mattia, Targa Telematics CEO – It is now globally interdependent and interconnected, and direct and indirect stakeholders belong to an increasingly broad spectrum. This must make all of us entrepreneurs and managers feel increasingly sensitive and responsible in the objectives we pursue and in the decisions we are called upon to take every day. Because the first objective must be to combine the creation of value today, whose growth we are all called upon to contribute to, with the quality of the legacy we will leave to future generations”.




Targa Telematics is an IT company with 20-year of experience in connected vehicles. It provides technological solutions in telematics, smart mobility and digital IoT platforms for mobility operators. The company addresses short and long-term renters, large finance companies and large fleet with a range of services from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics and telemetry for vehicles, professional and construction-site vehicles, through to the management of airport service vehicles. Managing over half a million of connected asset, in 2020 Targa Telematics reported revenues of €40 million, 130 employees and more than 950 customers. For more information: www.targatelematics.com



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