2 February 2021

Targa Telematics supports Leasys Miles in the UK: a new technology solution to revolutionise mobility through data.

Targa Telematics has enabled Leasys Miles, a new business model applied to long-term rental, by Leasys, an Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Bank mobility company.

Leasys Miles is a solution based on a Pay as you Go concept. Users will be charged based on the actual miles carried out per month.  After making an initial rental payment and paying a fixed  monthly ‘subscription’, the balance of the lease is charged by the mile. This means that the balance is calculated on the use, allowing the user of the vehicle to pay only the miles driven during each month with no additional charge for the first certain amount of miles included in the offer.

Leasys Miles exists in the UK thanks to the technology provided by Targa Telematics. The new solution is made possible through the elaboration of data through Targa Telematics’ smart digital platform, able to elaborate the number of miles, helpful to monitor the costs of the use of the vehicle. Targa Telematics, providing its digital platforms in the various microservices used, in just three months allowed Leasys to launch this revolutionary new offer to the market, providing an immediate response to the product launch requirements.  In fact, Leasys is always looking for new proposals to anticipate the evolution of mobility and the constantly and rapidly changing new consumer needs and habits.

Leasys Miles is available in the UK for Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid Lounge, with no additional charges for the first 500 miles.  With this solution, drivers will also be able to pay less than 20 pence for every mile travelled. Communities of friends, colleagues or family members can thus have a valid alternative for their mobility needs. The pay-as-you-go solution is also available for Fiat 500X Sport, Tipo Cross and selected Abarth 595 models.

“This is a paradigm shift: the information on the use of a vehicles becomes the real value to implement a truly innovative commercial solution. – comments Massimiliano Balbo di Vinadio, Targa Telematics Vice President – Sales LA. Our know-how and technology enable this new approach, which profoundly evolves mobility perspectives. We provide customers with our expertise, our automotive-specific IoT platform and a wide selection of software modules and microservices, to create new mobility products with extremely short lead times and with appeal, performance and stability to provide fulfilling experiences for users in the digital age”.

Sebastiano Fedrigo, managing director of Leasys in the UK, said: “We are very proud to be launching innovative products during this difficult period. We understand now more than ever that innovation is what is required to adapt our companies to a very rapidly changing market. Leasys Miles has reinvented the traditional car lease model by moving to something we’re all much more familiar with nowadays.



ABOUT TARGA TELEMATICS  Targa Telematics is an IT company with 20-year of experience in connected vehicles. It provides technological solutions in telematics, smart mobility and digital IoT platforms for mobility operators. The company addresses short and long-term renters, large finance companies and large fleet with a range of services from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics and telemetry for vehicles, professional and construction-site vehicles, through to the management of airport service vehicles. Managing over half a million of connected asset, in 2020 Targa Telematics reported revenues of €40 million, 130 employees and more than 950 customers. For more information: www.targatelematics.com


FCA Bank is a financial institution engaging mainly in car financing, with the objective of meeting all mobility requirements. It is an equally-held joint venture of FCA Italy, a company of global car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a leader in consumer credit. The company provides financial products to support the sales of prestigious car brands in Europe. Loan and leasing financing products provided by FCA Bank are specifically designed for the sale networks, for private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank SpA has a presence in 17 European countries and in Morocco, directly or through subsidiaries. At 30 June 2017, FCA Bank had a credit portfolio of €22.7 billion.



A key player in Italy in the market for Contract Hire and automotive services, Leasys S.p.A is a wholly-owned company of the FCA Bank Group, a joint venture between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole. Started in September 2001, Leasys currently manages a fleet of over 150,000 vehicles (passenger cars and commercial vehicles featuring all makes, including many Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands) which targets large companies, small and medium businesses, public administration, professionals and private individuals. Through Clickar, Leasys is also among the top Italian companies in the used corporate auto sales market. www.leasys.comwww.clickar.biz

Leasys UK established in 1996 and part of FCA Bank S.p.A., have been providing a range of personal and business contract hire and related services for FCA customers.



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