6 December 2018

Targa Telematics technology for PISTA – Car Sharing in the city of Messina.

Development of the service in sight with integration of electric cars and other forms of smart mobility

Recent days have seen the unveiling of the car sharing service by the company known as PISTA – the acronym for “Platform for Innovation and Sustainability of Transport and Environment”. The technological partner in the project is Targa Telematics, the national leader in mobility research and development. PISTA aims to provide a practical solution to urban traffic problems through the adoption of a shared mobility scheme integrated with Messina’s existing transport system. The service starts with a trial run involving the University of Messina: a 25-vehicle fleet (14 Smart Fortwo and 11 Smart Forfour cars) will be made available to students, lecturers and staff.

Targa Telematics provides the infrastructure, hardware and software to monitor and manage the vehicles: the digital platform manages all the service technology, from user registration through to vehicle bookings and payments. With the mobile app users can rent, pick up and return their vehicles at the university sites (Annunziata, Ingegneria, Policlinico), visible on the map. By reading the QR Codes on the windscreen or entering the license plate number, the user can open the doors, take the key from the dashboard, start the engine and get to their destination. At the end of the rental, the user parks the car in one of the PISTA spaces and with a few clicks completes the vehicle closure procedure. A number of services are available, including the Telematics Targa operations center open 24/7 for driver support at any stage of the rental.

As part of the planned two-year field testing program, data collected by the Targa Telematics technology platform will be analyzed to find out whether there is a change in culture and the public perception to car sharing. The aim is to better evaluate how the whole community can benefit from innovative and sustainable transport solutions. Possible further developments of the project include the integration of the service with electric cars or other forms of smart mobility, such as scooters and bike sharing. The long-term goal is to build a shared and integrated mobility system that can act as a hub in places like Messina and nearby Calabria. Agreements between municipalities and other local authorities will facilitate connections with ports and airports. The first step towards achieving this is to foster change in culture and in citizens’ lifestyles by raising public environmental awareness through the use of shared vehicles.







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