19 June 2024

Targa Viasat Spain joins Foro MADCargo as a new protective member.

Through this new association, Targa Viasat Spain provides all the advantages of advanced telematics for the air cargo transportation sector in Spain.

Targa Viasat Spain, a global leader in developing solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility, announces its membership in Foro MADCargo as a new protective member. Foro MADCargo is an association of professionals from all sectors that make up the Madrid air cargo community. Its members include airlines, handling operators, freight forwarders, ground transport companies, public administrations, exporters, and importers.

In the context of continuous growth in air cargo demand and high operating costs, companies throughout the air cargo logistics chain increasingly require advanced data-driven solutions to enhance asset efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce costs. Targa Viasat Spain will collaborate as a protector member with the main airport ground handling service operators, developing cutting-edge solutions for managing ground support equipment (GSE) fleets.

The technology company currently manages over 3.2 million connected assets, including service vehicles such as boarding stairs, luggage carriers, buses, and cargo lifts operating within airport areas. Their next-generation technologies transform collected data into advanced services for vehicle location and management, activity certification and justification, and equipment and machinery maintenance.

Through this new association with Foro MADCargo, Targa Viasat Spain provides the advantages of advanced telematics to the air cargo sector, optimizing ground activities management and ensuring efficient and safe operation in compliance with airport regulations. For operators, adopting advanced telematics solutions translates into greater operational efficiency, cost reduction, and increased safety for people and assets, contributing to safer, more efficient, and sustainable airport operations.

Mario Martínez Marcos, Country Manager of Targa Viasat Spain, comments: “We are proud to join such an important association for the sector as Foro MADCargo. Companies across the entire air cargo logistics chain can greatly benefit from implementing advanced telematics solutions like those we offer at Targa Viasat Spain. As a new protective member, our goal is to put all our experience and specialization at the service of the air cargo sector, contributing to the growth and technological advancement of operators and the development of a stronger and more sustainable industry in Spain.”

Jesús Cuellar, President of Foro MADCargo, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Targa Viasat Spain as a leader in telematics solutions and a new protective member of Foro MADCargo. Thanks to their extensive experience and technical knowledge, our members will have access to the latest technology and the most effective solutions to digitize their fleets and optimize their operations quickly, easily, and efficiently. Their incorporation opens the door to new growth opportunities and valuable alliances, driving the advancement of the entire sector and contributing to our mission of positioning Madrid as a global logistics hub.”




Foro MADCargo, a non-profit association, has the main objective of promoting the growth of air cargo transportation in Spain, particularly in Madrid where it anchors its air cargo community. Its members, professionals from the entire air cargo industry ecosystem, as well as companies and entities, share the common interest of supporting the association’s goals and activities. Foro MADCargo develops strategies and programs for optimizing the air cargo transportation logistics chain, aiming to improve Madrid’s competitive position on the international logistics map. Foro MADCargo also actively participates in humanitarian aid projects, notably the campaign for the importation of essential medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic and contributions to the logistical management of humanitarian aid following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in 2023.

For more information: www.foromadcargo.org


Targa Viasat Spain

Targa Viasat Spain is the Spanish subsidiary of Targa Telematics, a leading global player in the field of IoT and the development of solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility in the European, African, and South American markets. The new name Targa Viasat Spain is the result of Targa Telematics’ acquisition of Viasat Group, completed in 2023, which led to the merger of the two Spanish companies, Targa Telematics Spain and Viasat Servicios Telemáticos. For over twenty years, Targa Telematics has offered a wide range of technological solutions in telematics, Smart Mobility, and IoT digital platforms for short and long-term rental companies, financial institutions, and large vehicle fleets. Their services range from insurance telematics to asset and fleet management, from vehicle tele-diagnosis and telemetry to managing professional and construction vehicles, as well as airport vehicles. The company’s goal is to strengthen its presence to work on international projects with dedicated local teams.

For more information: www.targatelematics.com



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