Providing innovative solutions to TCH Leasing by leveraging vehicle data streams.

“We have chosen Targa Telematics since, due to the OEM connectivity available from a large number of manufacturers, it allows us to activate functionality easily in every vehicle, not only to ensure the safety of our assets, but also to provide information to our maintenance managers and to ensure better management of the fleets of our clients.

Jennifer Jones, Systems & Compliance Manager di TCH Leasing.


TCH Leasing ranks among the top 30 contract rental and fleet management companies in the UK and is one of the few remaining private companies of its kind. TCH Leasing offers a full range of company car leasing, contract hire and fleet management solutions across the country, in every industrial sector. It is a member of the TC Harrison Group Limited, founded in 1931, one of the largest privately owned automotive groups in the UK, which employs around 500 people in 16 different locations.


The development of increasingly sophisticated telematics technologies is providing an opportunity to access data that can be transformed into valuable business information to enable high value-added services. Capitalising on this progression, TCH Leasing is offering a proactive periodic maintenance service, providing real-time alerts on vehicle status, helping to avoid Vehicle Off-Road (VOR) incidents and to keep vehicles in optimal condition. TCH Leasing have partnered with Targa Telematics, leveraging their connected car expertise and extensive relationships with automotive manufacturers, through which they have access to telematics data from embedded sensors already presenting TCH Leasing’s vehicles. This allows Targa Telematics to provide TCH Leasing with a wide array of valuable real-time data about their fleet, e.g. accurate odometer readings, time and mileage remaining until service, and the presence of fault codes and dashboard warning lamps.


The solution developed by Targa Telematics allows TCH Leasing to plan vehicle maintenance in a strategic manner, to reduce VOR incidents and to reserve courtesy vehicles in advance when necessary. It also allows for greater responsiveness in dealing with any potential problems indicated by the vehicle’s warning lights, minimising potential damage. On vehicles without integrated sensors which support OEM data, Targa Telematics installs its own devices to transmit the required information, thereby enabling TCH Leasing to extend monitoring to an entire fleet, regardless of the make or model of the vehicle. In addition to proactive service management, Targa Telematics contributes to improving the security of TCH Leasing’s fleet by providing a stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) solution that protects the vehicle offers a number of recovery options in the event of theft.


Targa Telematics is positioning itself as a leader in managing OEM vehicle data and providing innovative digital mobility solutions to its clients, regardless of the method of data collection. Through its experience in the vehicle leasing and rental industry, it offers tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of this sector, facilitating its operations and enabling the development of new services and business. The use of OEM data offers numerous advantages, such as avoidance of vehicle downtime during the installation of aftermarket devices, a quick and easy remote activation process, and the acquisition of secure and reliable data.

  • Optimised fleet and individual vehicle management
  • Proactive periodic maintenance service
  • Real-time and remote fleet monitoring
  • Complete data overview
  • Full suite of APIs for integration with internal systems
  • Vehicle protection, service and security
  • Support for both embedded OEM sensors and after-market devices
  • Development of new services and businesses