Question: I would like to talk with the customer care, what is the telephone number?
Answer: For any question please call 848 580 101.

Q: I cannot access my area. The credentials are incorrect. I lost my user name and password.
A: For any technical question please call 848 580 101.

Q: How can I put the vehicle in maintenance?
A: For any technical question please call 848 580 101.

Q: Can you advice me in advance before the end of my contract?
A: If you want to be notified 30 days in advance of the expiration of your contract please send an email to help.desk@targatelematics.com and you will receive a confirmation email.

Q: If I want to sell the car on which I’ve installed Targa device, what should I do?
A: You have to notify it by mail at help.desk@targatelematics.com.

Q: If on the map there are no roads, what can I see?
A: If the locator is not positioned on the road network, the icon will be shown on the area relative to its geographic coordinates (for example: a meadow, a lake). It will be indicated the municipality or the location on which the locator is placed.

Q: How is the delivery of the product? Can I communicate a different address?
A: Product delivery is done via courier. You can specify the delivery address if different from the billing address.


Question: What number should I call in case of theft? I suspect that the device / electrical system has problems. Who should I contact?
Answer: The contact number in case of theft is l’800 206 206 then select 1.
The same number can be called in case of car electrical system intervention.
If you need information you must call l’848 580 101.

Q: How does it work the engine block of the vehicle?
A: The function provides the distance immobilization of the vehicle from the Operation Center.
The command inhibits the re-ignition of the motor car in the respect of the safety norms.

Q: Can I move the device to another vehicle?
A: Yes. At the end of the replacement it is necessary to contact the customer care to re – test the vehicle and if necessary re-submit some documents.

Q: I want to change the phone numbers / mobile phone / address, how can I inform you?
A: You should communicate it by mail at help.desk@targatelematics.com

Q: If the device does not work is it replaced free of charge?
A: The device is covered by 24 months warranty starting from installation date. It is replaced the part in case of malfunction or defects of its components.

Q: Is it possible to reactivate a canceled or closed SAT/FLEET contract?
A: It is necessary to verify each case. Normally it is possible, but it may also need intervention in a workshop and in this case it is at the expense of the customer.

Q: How do I cancel FLEET service?
A: Please contact your sales account.

Q: How can I cancel SAT/CARFINDER service?
A: Normally it is not necessary to cancel the contract because, after 30 days from the natural expiration, the contract is held closed.


Question: Where can I find the list of the authorized technicians?
Answer: : You can find easily it with our dealers locator. Otherwise you can send a mail at help.desk@targatelematics.com pointing out your address and the product that you want to install.
You will be contacted within 48 hours with the indication of the technician.

Q: I have found your device black box in my car. I have not purchased it.
A: If you want to purchase localization services connected to the black box, please send an email to help.desk@targatelematics.com.

Q: Is it the SIM Card included? Do I have to pay some cost for the data transmission?
A: The SIM card is included and so any cost of traffic related to the service. You won’t be charged any additional cost to the annual fee.

Q: Do you provide the SIM Card? What kind of SIM Card do you use?
A: SIMs are provided by Targa Telematics. They are are machine-to-machine ( M2M ) type and are enabled for data transmission.

Q: Is it ok the SIM Card of any operator?
A: All operators are compatible. In case you want to put your own SIM inside the device it is necessary to verify previously.

Q: Are the localization maps compatible for viewing on iOS / Android devices or mobile phone in general?
A: Yes , applications for Android and iOS smartphones are available on the respective stores.

Q: How much does it cost the installation?
A: The installation in our authorized center costs € 100 + VAT.

Q: What type of assistance do you provide?
A: For safety services it is provided H24 assistance 7/7.

Q: : Does the service also work in foreign countries?
A: Yes, the service can also be configured for foreign countries.

Q: What is the Operations Center?
A: The operations center is H24 7/7 service with qualified professionals that can help you in case of theft coordinating the intervention with the Police Forces.

Q: Do I have to pay for the replacement?
A: Only after the warranty period. In any case verify the agreement during the purchase.

Q: Is the device activated by Targa Telematics?
A: Yes, exactly, the device is activated at the end of the testing that takes place after installation.

Q: Is it necessary a specific software to use the device and access the service?
A: No, the software is available via web, you don’t need to install any component. It can be also downloaded via APP with Android and iOS smartphones.

Q: On which maps can I see my vehicles?
A: The maps used are updated every 4 months and are available inside customer area accessible from Targa Telematics’ website or from smartphones app.

Q: I have a question, a doubt, a request , but I can’t find answer in the FAQ…
A: Write an email to help.desk@targatelematics.com with all the data necessary to answer you, and you will be contacted within 48 hours.