Value-added services designed for rental companies.

For many years, we have been working with major short-term and long-term rental companies. We develop and co-create digital tools and solutions that offer substantial benefits, tailored to your business model and the specific characteristics of the sector.

Our experience in this market allows us to manage the critical issues of each customer, both in terms of fleet optimization and protection of vehicles against all the variables that can reduce their value over time.

We facilitate the digital transformation of your business, helping you find answers to crucial questions and supporting you in key decisions related to operations, purchasing, sales, marketing, and customer care.

Remote diagnostics and maintenance planning

Accident management and recovery of stolen vehicles

Reduction of operating costs

Increased sales opportunities

New services and new business models

Vehicle Efficiency

Manage all phases of maintenance, from the choice of the most suitable workshop, to verifying the time and cost to service. Ensured vehicles are safe and always compliant with current road regulations and the terms of manufacturer warranties, benefitting you with lower management costs and enhanced fleet efficiency and performance.

Quickly identify vehicle faults and manage scheduled maintenance, enabling you to plan work for when it is most convenient, maximizing vehicle availability and minimizing downtime. Simultaneously, monitor that actual vehicle servicing costs comply with estimates provided and the work carried out aligns with the real telematics data from the vehicles.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

We provide accurate and effective theft prevention systems, monitoring vehicle data in real time, highlighting potential risks and alerting you instantly when suspicious behavior is detected.

In the event of vehicle theft, you can rely on one of the market leading solutions for recovering stolen vehicles With Control Rooms active 24/7/365 throughout Europe, collaboration with local law enforcement, and state-of-the-art technology, we have a wealth of expertise in locating and recovering stolen assets.

Improvement of Rental Operations

Improvement of Rental Operations

The efficiency of the rental operation processes is crucial to the success of any vehicle rental company. Our solutions allow you to optimize these activities through the digitization of these processes.

We provide tools to increase the efficiency of check-in/check-out, turnaround, and the return of vehicles, reducing waiting times for your customers. With our customizable search tools, you can always get an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of the location of any vehicle.

For outsourced processes, you can monitor your suppliers’ activities, tracking their performance and impact on your internal operations. Furthermore, you can manage different support requests from your customers, always providing the highest level of customer care.

Improvement of Fleet Operations

Improvement of Fleet Operations

The purchase and resale of vehicles within your fleet are important events for your business. We analyze the processes and inputs available to provide you with timely, accurate information on the status of the vehicle, rental requests, and the vehicles available.

At the same time, we can offer you strategic partnerships with car manufacturers, brokers, and insurance companies, wholesale vehicle buyers and other stakeholders that can help give your business competitive advantages.

Claims Management

Claims Management

As a provider of rental vehicles, claims management processes can add a significant workload on your business.

Our solution provides you with an accurate, efficient service to facilitate the entire process of assessing any accidents, allowing you to minimize costs and challenge fraudulent reporting.

In the event of an accident, our Control Rooms or specialized partners can contact the customer and provide immediate assistance, such as checking their welfare, or capturing any details related to the incident.

New Services and Business Models

New Services and Business Models

Technology is increasingly becoming a determining factor in the evolution of new mobility, which increasingly involves vehicle rentals.

We have recent experience working with a large variety of customers to develop their own mobility products, integrating vehicle rental with other shared mobility services, such as Car Sharing, Peer-2-Peer, and Car Pooling with keyless access technology.

We also offer new solutions specific to electric vehicles and charging station management. We can help you assess whether drivers are using charging/discharging cycles correctly, calculate how many and which of your customers’ vehicles can be replaced by electric models, whether they are economically sustainable, and much more besides.

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