Keep your construction vehicles and heavy machinery under control.

We develop solutions for companies that make professional use of construction machinery, such as trucks, lifts, cranes, and earthmoving machines.

Our devices and technology can offer significant benefits to both vehicle owners and users.

By transforming the data generated by your vehicles into valuable information, we help you better plan your activities. Moreover, thanks to integration with your management systems, you can automate operations related to vehicle rental and customer billing.

Real-time vehicle monitoring

Increased profitability

Easily plan vehicle maintenance

Maximum vehicle protection


Tracking and Control

You can monitor the location of your vehicles in real time and receive instant notifications on PCs, tablets, and smartphones to alert you of suspicious activity or unauthorized movement.

With our services, you can ensure your vehicles are operating within approved construction sites and at agreed times. Additionally, you can avoid the risk of unauthorized use or misappropriation, and guarantee compliance with agreed terms of use for the vehicles.

The solution can also help to minimize the risk of accidents on construction sites, whilst allowing you to reconstruct the details of any crashes or damages that occur.

Certification- Reporting-Activities

Certification and Reporting of Activities

Vehicle monitoring includes the ability to know their exact use parameters: mileage, time with engine running, parking, stopped with engine running, use of PTOs, and much more.

This information integrated into your company’s management systems allows you to have automated reports that facilitate the accurate accounting and invoicing of the activities performed, avoiding disputes and disruptions.


Simplified Maintenance

Automatic maintenance management ensures precise planning of the action to be taken, based on hours of use and the actual state of wear.

Automatic notifications highlighting overdue maintenance help to avoid further deterioration of vehicles and prevent delays on site caused by equipment failure.

Make sure you have vehicles that are always compliant with regulations and contractual clauses, meaning you can reduce maintenance costs, save valuable time, and always have a working fleet.


Safer, Better Protected Vehicles

To ensure maximum protection, your vehicles are monitored 24/7, whether running or stationary.

With automatic alerting for unauthorized movement and other security risk events, delivered via web, email, SMS, and mobile app, and supported by the ability to remotely prevent the engine starting, we take every effort to protect your investment. In the event of vehicle theft, the constant connection to our 24/7 Control Rooms across Europe, supported by local law enforcement agencies, deliver theft recovery rates that are amongst the best in the industry.

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