Innovative solutions for corporate fleet management.

Our flexible solutions deliver cost savings and represent great value, regardless of your fleet’s size.

Using our technology, you can control costs, reduce waste, optimize vehicle usage, improve driver safety, and ensure vehicle protection against theft.

Provide the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transportation for your employees based on individual use cases, using our suite of advanced solutions, such as our corporate car sharing platform.

For over 20 years, we have been working with some of the largest and most demanding fleet customers, creating indispensable solutions that enable informed business decisions from the collection and analysis of data.

Cost reduction

Optimization of operations

Fleet efficiency

Safety of vehicles and people

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Fleet Management

Safety, increased fleet efficiency, and driver satisfaction: we meet these needs with end-to-end IoT solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

Using our array of digital web tools and mobile apps, you can monitor the status of vehicle and driver behavior in real time, easily managing all types of events, including emergencies, unauthorized usage, and risks of theft. Leveraging our reporting suite, you can access live and historical data to inform your decisions and help refine internal processes.

Our solution also provides the opportunity to improve fleet efficiency through route optimization, improved driving skills, weighted maintenance scheduling, and monitoring compliance with company policies and regulations.

Furthermore, we help you select the most appropriate vehicles for your fleet, notifying you when it is operationally and financially more advantageous for the company and the environment to use electric vehicles instead of vehicles with traditional or hybrid engines.


Cost Control and Management

Our enterprise fleet solutions give you everything you require to maximize cost control and management.

It provides the ability to monitor and analyze all components of operating costs, from the purchase or rental of the vehicle to all expenses for maintenance and use.

Some of these costs are easy to identify, such as insurance, while others are less evident, such as fuel costs and associated purchases, fuel wastage, fraud, and unauthorized refueling.

We give you the tools to analyze these and other costs in detail, to put in place corrective actions that eliminate any inefficiencies and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.


Vehicle Protection

We protect your vehicles with IoT solutions that include prevention against theft, misuse of vehicles, and vehicle recovery.

Our system analyzes vehicle data and recognizes the typical patterns of risk events, automatically sending alerts to notify you of potential danger.

In the event of vehicle theft, our Control Room immediately contacts the relevant local police force and assists them in the location and recovery of the vehicle.

Indeed, the recovery rate of stolen vehicles protected by our latest generation of solutions is amongst the highest available on the market.


Accident Management

In the event of a traffic accident, vehicles connected to our systems transmit pertinent event data in real time, automatically generating an incident report containing indications of direction, speed, impact force, and position. The information makes it possible to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident and objectively assign responsibility.

This makes it easier to manage claims, accurately document facts, prevent fraud, and enables the purchase of dedicated, cost-effective insurance plans.


Shared Mobility

Multiple drivers, one car.
Flexibility, cost reduction, protection of the environment: with Corporate Car Sharing you can optimize the use of your company cars.

Offer an easy-to-use service to all your employees, or a defined subset: authorized users can book, collect, and return the vehicle with their smartphone, using keyless access technology via a simple, intuitive mobile app.

Furthermore, you can configure and monitor the whole process through a digital management interface, including defining access permissions, manage vehicle maintenance and availability, permitted collection and drop-off areas, and much more.

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