Innovative services for dealers.

The dealership sector is evolving rapidly and is organized to provide value-added services to its customers when concluding sales as well as offering new shared mobility solutions.

Thanks to our expertise in the field of telematics, we offer dealers increasingly innovative services that meet the needs of their customers with respect to the safety, efficiency and value of the purchased vehicle.

We also help dealers to innovate their business model and structure themselves as rental and car sharing operators, generating profits from their existing fleet.

Vehicle efficiency

Recovery of stolen vehicles

Increased sales opportunities

New services

Vehicle Efficiency

Vehicle Efficiency

Help your customers manage their vehicle maintenance, from directing them to the most suitable workshop, to verifying the time and cost to service. Ensure vehicles are safe and always compliant with current road regulations and the terms of manufacturer warranties, benefitting your customers with lower management costs and enhanced fleet efficiency and performance.

Quickly identify vehicle faults and manage scheduled maintenance, enabling you to plan work for when it is most convenient, maximizing vehicle availability and minimizing downtime. Simultaneously, monitor that actual vehicle servicing costs comply with estimates provided and the work carried out aligns with the real telematics data from the vehicles.


Vehicle Safety

Offer your customers accurate and effective theft prevention systems, monitoring vehicle data in real time and highlighting potential risks.

In the event of vehicle theft, your customers can rely on one of the market leading solutions for recovering stolen vehicles.

With Control Rooms active 24/7/365 throughout Europe, collaboration with local law enforcement, and state-of-the-art technology, we have a wealth of expertise in locating and recovering stolen assets.

La Mobilité Intelligente

Smart Mobility

With a suite of Smart Mobility services, including car sharing, carpooling, and peer-to-peer rental, you can optimize vehicle usage and increase fleet profitability.

Offer an easy-to-use Smart Mobility service for all your customers, or a defined subset: authorized users can book, collect, and return the vehicle with their smartphone, using keyless access technology via a simple, intuitive mobile app. 

Furthermore, you can configure and monitor the whole process through a digital management interface, including defining access permissions, manage vehicle maintenance and availability, permitted collection and drop-off areas, and much more.



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