ground handling

Technological solutions for the safety and efficiency of ground handling vehicles.

Thanks to partnerships with many of the largest airport service providers, we are helping to innovate ground handling activities.

Our Ground Handling technology is enabling the digitization of airport processes, allowing operators to perform their tasks in a safer, more efficient and regulated manner.

Monitoring and reduction of operating costs

Increased safety of people and assets

Proper use of vehicles in compliance with airport regulations

Increased efficiency of ground handling activities


Monitoring and Reduction of Operating Costs

Our solutions are helping to deliver significant results in reducing the operating costs of ground handling vehicles, including buses, passenger stairways, and cargo lifts.

Track mileage, fuel consumption, refueling, and make sure vehicles are used only within designated time schedules and geographical areas.

Generate detailed reports on vehicle maintenance, enabling the validation of estimated costs to airport inspectors.


Safety of People and Vehicles

Our telematics devices record and transmit all the necessary information to accurately monitor your vehicles. Determine whether safety and traffic regulations are followed, whether vehicles are being used outside of designated areas, and whether they are driven by authorized personnel.

Tools to monitor the scheduling of servicing and unplanned maintenance allow you to always keep the vehicle in the best possible condition and operate under maximum safety.



Monitor driver compliance with company policies and traffic regulations.

Receive instant alerts in the event of improper use or non-compliance with constraints and policies of the company or airport body.

Authentication of the driver via RFID or iBUTTON also allows association of the vehicle data to a specific driver, enabling its use only by authorized personnel and certifying the activity performed.


Efficiency of Operations

Plan and assign tasks to each vehicle, optimizing routes and consumption. Monitor tasks in real time, receive alerts for any delays and assign last-minute tasks where required.

Adapt your fleet composition and positioning to the type of service and frequency of use, based on flight schedules.

Access a detailed reporting suite, featuring customizable reports showing all key vehicle data points, including driving hours, parking hours, start/end of activities, entry into areas of interest etc.

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