Digital solutions for the evolution of customer services.

In an ever connected fast paced world, consumers expect a reliable and continuous service from its Utility providers. Not having access to real time data can impair service delivery and expectations and consequently, the consumer can decide to switch provider. Our digital solutions will help you improve and enhance the services you provide to customers.

Targa Telematics solutions are customised to the specific needs of utilities. The data generated by the connected vehicles are processed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms: this process transforms them into information capable of improving the fleet’s operations and the services provided to citizens. The possibility of integrating data flows with existing management systems also makes it possible to better plan activities, automating routine operations and keeping the situation of the entire vehicle fleet under control.

Optimisation of operations

Cost control

Driver and vehicle safety

Improvement of the services provided

Ottimizzazione e Riduzione dei Costi Operativi

Optimisation and Reduction of Operating Costs

Automated fleet management provides the input necessary for management to properly allocate available resources and avoid inefficiencies that can only be identified through telematics.

Utilities and customer service providers can identify and reduce the operational costs of their fleets, including insurance and hidden costs. . At the same time, they can optimise vehicle operations and remotely manage any delays, critical situations or anything related to operations management. Moreover, the service facilitates the detection of improper behavior and vehicle use.

Protezione e Sicurezza dei Veicoli

Vehicle Protection and Security

Real-time tracking of all vehicles in the fleet allows rapid identification of high-risk situations and possible theft patterns. In the event of an emergency, the Control Room is connected 24/7 with the Police.

Vehicle connectivity enables the scheduling of corporate fleet maintenance, reducing the risks of missed vehicle inspections and associated costs.

Compliancy e Sicurezza dei Driver

Compliance and Driver Safety

The solution allows vehicles to be driven only by authorised users, verifying that the provisions of the Highway Code and company policy are complied with, all while respecting driver privacy.

Moreover, enabling the E-call and B-call services, makes it possible to rapidly intervene in case of need, also remotely, increasing the level of safety of those in the vehicles.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Efficient mobility management affects utilities in terms of both process organization as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

On the one hand, more flexible and easily-manageable mobility can be ensured, also thanks to fast integration with corporate systems. On the other, sharing vehicles among multiple drivers means a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership and limitation of the impact of the fleet on the surrounding environment.

Veicoli Elettrici

Electric Vehicles

Starting from the historical data of each individual car, such as usage patterns or cost profiles, the solution makes it possible to highlight vehicles that can be replaced with hybrid or electric vehicles.

The service also provides support in determining the correct size of the fleet of electric vehicles and the most appropriate charging structure organization, making it possible to optimize and properly manage batteries and charging operations.

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