Vehicle manufacturers

Monetization of the data generated by your connected vehicles.

The development of increasingly sophisticated telematics technologies is providing vehicle manufacturers with the opportunity to collect data that can be transformed into valuable insights for their business and enable high-value services for their customers.

The integration of onboard sensors allows a wealth of useful information to be acquired, but often it is not fully exploited due to complexities in managing this data.

We have been partnering with OEMs and making our automotive expertise and technology available for over 20 years, helping our partners to monetize vehicle data and develop mobility products.

Flexible integration

Product differentiation


Development speed

Analytics for Vehicle Improvement

Analytics for Vehicle Improvement

Telematic devices integrated in the vehicle – whether original or aftermarket – collect and transmit data to a digital platform for processing and reporting.

We have solid data management and analysis skills and are continuously developing new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for the analysis of Big Data.

Make more informed decisions thanks to the analytics we provide and use this information to objectively evaluate your products and identify potential areas for improvement.

Reduce project development times and maximize your return on investment flexibly and effectively.

Development of Your Mobility Services

Development of Your Mobility Services

Our Open Mobility Platform provides vehicle manufacturers with a wide range of microservices that can be immediately combined with each other and integrated with proprietary systems, accelerating the co-creation of new high-value services to meet the needs of customers.

With our technology and expertise, we provide access to clean, standardized data, the monitoring of connected vehicles and related digital services, and the possibility of creating new mobility products for the B2C and B2B markets.

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