Sixt and Targa Telematics: a successful model for the Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

“We are very satisfied with the partnership with Targa Telematics, whose professionalism, prompt availability and service efficiency we particularly appreciate. The Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution we have adopted has immediately brought us concrete results in terms of vehicle recovery of our fleet”

Carina Ratzke, Senior Executive Fleet Manager Sixt Italia.


Sixt SE is a European multinational car rental company with approx. 4,000 offices in over 105 countries. Sixt SE acts as the leader and holding company of the Sixt Group, which operates internationally in the car rental and leasing field. The group is present in over 100 countries and operates in the vehicle rental and leasing sector.


Sixt Italia wants to minimize the damage caused by theft, safeguard the state of vehicles and effectively control the entire fleet of rental cars, preserving its value. Thanks to the Targa Telematics Stolen Vehicle Recovery solutions, the recovery rate of stolen vehicles reached 90% in 2020. An excellent performance, the result of a profitable and consolidated partnership, which not only concerns Italy, but also extends to Germany and Benelux.

Targa Telematics provides the technological platform for the management of the fleet of Sixt, which has always paid great attention to the issue of fleet management and to preserving the value of its vehicles, being able to count on innovative technological solutions and on the high professionalism demonstrated by Sixt’s internal organization.


The latest generation SVR solution developed by Targa Telematics is based on IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies , and represents one of the modules that the company offers as part of its Asset Management services.

Thanks to continuous investment in new technologies and the study of theft models, as well as the updating of operating procedures and algorithms through the Artificial Intelligence module of the Targa Telematics Open Mobility Platform, Sixt Italia has been able to significantly reduce the damage caused by the phenomenon of theft and preserve the value of individual vehicles.

Control Rooms working 24/7 are provided together with the solution to monitor and analyze risk areas in real time, working in close synergy with the Italian and European police for vehicle recovery.


Targa Telematics offers efficient solutions and fast response times for all the needs of the vehicle rental market, from installation by specialized personnel at authorized car-maker sites to assistance in the event of recovery of a stolen vehicle.

The Asset management solutions enabled by the Open Mobility Platform provide support to operational decisions in a precise and effective way and make it possible to identify any cases of theft in a timely and precise manner, intervening together with the police and preserving the company’s assets. In addition, there is a significant return on investment, thanks to the optimization of operational fleet management processes and of the insurance costs incurred.

  • Reduce risks related to theft or tampering
  • Preserve the value of fleet vehicles
  • Maximize fleet control and associated vehicle resale revenue
  • Ensure driver safety and assistance 24/7
  • Provide tools specific to rental companies and their needs
  • Easily integrate the technological solution with existing systems
  • Generate a return on investment in just a few months
  • Reduce insurance costs for vehicles equipped with telematics

“The Control Room provided by Targa Telematics responds promptly and professionally every time we need their intervention. Once the problem has been reported, the operations center is able to act autonomously until the request is closed, which for us translates into a further optimization of internal processes”

Salvatore Palumbo, Security Manager Sixt Italia.