Explore custom solutions for large fleets

Innovative tools to revolutionize the management of the most complex fleets.

Sophisticated fleet management services incorporating functionality developed specifically for your business requirements.

Finally, a solution that helps you maximize performance and make the most of your business processes.

Integration with systems and business partners

Services that can be customized in line with your requirements

Pursuit of maximum performance

Making the most of your company's operational processes

asset management

Asset Management

Asset Management solutions are designed to help you ensure your vehicles retain their maximum possible value over the lifecycle of your ownership.

For example, automated maintenance management allows you to schedule maintenance in the most effective way, maximizing vehicle performance and minimizing costs.

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery service offers advanced solutions to protect vehicles from theft, and to facilitate their recovery in the event they are stolen, thanks to our network of Control Rooms active 24/7 throughout Europe, working closely with national law enforcement agencies.

fleet optimization

Fleet Optimization

Fleet Optimization provides fleet managers with advanced operational services and functionality usually only available to large fleets.

The solution allows fleet managers to operate efficiently and conscientiously, supporting them in achieving their objectives to identify and eradicate inefficiencies, reduce the cost of managing company vehicles, and improve driver and vehicle safety, all whilst ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

smart mobility

Smart Mobility

Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise in the sector enable you to configure and deploy transport solutions that are more sustainable for your company and the environment.

Provide your employees with new mobility options and solutions that are fun and flexible, built on simple, intuitive services that allow them to travel in the most convenient way possible.