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IT consulting and technology to support the co-creation of unique mobility products.

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Rapid development of mobility products

Integration with
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Data complexity management

open mobility platform

Open Mobility Platform

The Open Mobility Platform provides mobility operators and their partners with a wide range of microservices that can be immediately combined and integrated with proprietary systems, accelerating the co-creation of new mobility models that precisely meet the various requirements.

Developed with open technologies, the platform is hardware-agnostic and allows full integration with customer systems, even systems that are highly structured like those of car manufacturers, large insurance companies, rental companies, and their partners.

targa plexer

Targa Plexer

Targa Plexer is the innovative Targa Telematics hardware that incorporates the most advanced telematics data and allows you to accelerate and simplify the creation of your mobility services.

The device can be installed on any vehicle, giving you the ability to manage the complexity of heterogeneous fleets and to receive standardized data through data streams and APIs.

Furthermore, application and data processing modules within the device allow you to add complex features to your platform. Thanks to its flexibility and modular design, you can choose to integrate the services you need, facilitating the development of your own unique, differentiated mobility products.