A range of services for the real needs of vehicle owners.

Our Asset Management solution is designed for companies that own vehicles, where it’s critical to preserve and keep the value of those vehicles as high as possible over time.

The solution integrates easily with existing systems, provides information to support strategic and operational decisions, and allows the digitization and improvement of internal processes. This makes it possible to manage the main cost items more efficiently, reduce the risks related to theft or fraud, and maximize vehicle resale revenues. We also support you in optimizing insurance premiums, helping you to identify the policy that best suits your needs.

The Asset Management module also includes vertical solutions dedicated to short-term and long-term rental companies, which enable the creation of new services, the improvement of the user experience, and greater value for the end customer.

Our Asset Management solution helps vehicle owners achieve two primary objectives:

Vehicle Value

Your vehicles can tell you a lot more.
Using our telematics technology, your vehicles can let you know how best to maintain them most efficiently, ensure their safety, and determine when is the best time to resell them.

Ensure maximum revenue from your vehicles’ activities and minimize their depreciation.

Re-engineering of Operations

By integrating vehicle-generated telematics data with your company’s operational data, we can provide crucial insights to help you address specific business challenges.

Identify areas and business processes with opportunities for improvement and deliver significant cost reductions.

Easier vehicle resale

Reduction of the risk of theft and fraud

Vehicles that are always safe and efficient

Optimization of management costs

vehicle safety

Vehicle Safety

We are constantly striving to improve the AI and Machine Learning algorithms underlying our theft prevention system, spotlighting risk situations in real time and sending alerts when suspicious behavior is detected.

In the event of theft, you can count on one of the best vehicle recovery solutions on the market, which provides Control Rooms active 24/7/365 throughout Europe and close collaboration with the local police authorities.

If your vehicle is stolen, contact our Operations Centers immediately.

We are always at your disposal to promptly activate our stolen vehicle recovery service, working closely with the police to find and recover your vehicle.

Sophisticated algorithms and simple rules available at the click of a mouse dramatically reduce the risk of your vehicles being stolen.

The virtual driver assistant will notify you immediately of any improper or unauthorized use, and – if necessary – put you in direct contact with our Control Rooms.

vehicle efficiency

Vehicle Efficiency

Thanks to automated maintenance management tools, keep your vehicles safe and compliant with road regulations and the terms of manufacturer warranties, ensuring low management costs and superior performance.

Our solution will also quickly identify vehicle faults and help manage the vehicles based on a maintenance calendar, thus ensuring that vehicle down-time doesn’t disrupt your business.

Schedule the check-ups and maintenance required by car manufacturers and national regulations on vehicle circulation.

Receive real-time alarms for unexpected events and predictive reports, and intervene promptly for repairs.

Make sure that costs and times align with the estimates agreed with workshops and tally with the actual telematics data received from the vehicles.

Calculate scores and record assessments of each garage or workshop for each activity and analyze the performance of your support network.

Set your rules so that every service request is handled by the workshop that guarantees the best service and the best value for money.

Eliminate the low added value activities of your Authority operators, allowing them to focus on critical cases and increase the quality and efficiency of the quote approval process.

improvement operations

Improvement of Operations

The management of operations has a significant impact on business processes and can represent a significant part of the company’s financial outgoings.

The Asset Management module allows you to acquire, integrate, and process the data collected by vehicles, obtaining timely information on the activities of your business.

We support you in the pursuit of the best performance to optimize process management, increase operational efficiency, and implement new business models.

We use our best practices to analyze your business processes together with you and to identify possible inefficiencies, transforming them into new opportunities.

Confidently select the best time to resell your vehicles, maximizing revenues at a time when their value is still high.

Monitor your main suppliers’ activities, tracking their performance and impact on your operations.

Thanks to our telematics solutions and our partner ecosystem, we help you identify the policy that best suits your needs, allowing you to reduce insurance premiums.

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

The Asset Management solution also facilitates the addition of electric vehicles to corporate fleets: on the one hand it generates detailed information on the status and maintenance of both the vehicle and its batteries, on the other hand it provides analytics for studies on the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of further electrification of the fleet.

Batteries constitute about 40% of an electric car’s value. We help you make sure recharging is done correctly according to the instructions provided by manufacturers to preserve the vehicle’s residual value.

We manage and update the electrical charging stations in our solution, allowing activation via app. You can make sure that only company cars are recharged and identify any cars parked at charging points for longer than necessary.

Take advantage of our tool to calculate your optimal charging infrastructure, determining how many stations are required to meet the needs of your users and where to place them for best performance.

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