fleet optimization

Tools for monitoring and improving efficiency within company fleets.

Receive accurate, relevant, timely information that enables you to effectively monitor and manage all the vehicles within your fleet and ensure they are working efficiently and safely.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and experience and our cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, we have developed a fleet management system that truly improves efficiency, reduces overall fleet costs, reduces risks, and ensures the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

Our Fleet Optimization solution – both web and mobile – can scale seamlessly to meet the differing needs of a variety of fleets, and can be configured according to the type of user and the activity to be carried out. In this way we can offer complete, user-friendly solutions for medium-sized fleets, whilst simultaneously meeting the most advanced needs of the largest fleets.


Ensure vehicles are always efficient and suitable for the employees’ activities , and verify that their use complies with legal regulations and company policies.

Receive timely alerts in case of exceptions and high-risk events so you can take rapid action and provide assistance if required.


Intelligently schedule journeys to optimize your operations by adopting efficient routing of journeys and ensuring allocation of the most suitable vehicle for the job.

Increase the competitiveness of your business with access to all the relevant data to achieve your goals.

Reduction of waste and inefficiencies

High safety standards for people and vehicles

Increased productivity

Compliance with company rules and regulations

cost monitoring

Cost Monitoring

Calculate your fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and track individual expenditure. Free up resources by identifying cost and inefficiency that would otherwise be invisible.

Make informed decisions with a data-driven approach and evaluate the impact of your choices in real time.

Make informed decisions with a data-driven approach and evaluate the impact of your choices in real time.

Generate reports and statistics to analyze fixed and variable costs and expenses. This allows you to decide on the best allocation of resources based on accurate data and immediately execute your plan.

Operating costs hide expenses that are often not accounted for: we help you to identify these inconsistencies and reduce expenditure.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions you have planned, allowing you to see which ones deliver the best performance.

Analyze where and how often your vehicles are used, giving you the information needed to correctly size your fleet and offering real savings on vehicle budgets.

fleet activity

Fleet Activity

Plan the use of vehicles, organize journeys and driver tasks, and remotely manage any deviations or other unexpected events.

Make sure activities are always carried out in the manner required and aligned with the company’s objectives.

Analyze how and when the fleet is used, with granular details available for individual vehicles. Ensure vehicle usage is compliant with any contractual terms.

Check driver compliance with predetermined journeys and tasks, allowing you to intervene promptly in the event of delays, changes, emergencies, or undesired behaviors.

View a vehicle’s location, operating status, and the parameters recorded by the onboard vehicle control unit. All in real time.

Receive an immediate notification if a critical event occurs with any vehicle in your fleet.



Set rules for the use of company vehicles and monitor employee compliance with them.

Create customized solutions to increase driver safety.

Integrate report results with Human Resources policy.

Utilize our driver analysis tools to verify compliance with company rules and government traffic regulations, improving driver safety and reducing inefficiency.

Deploy our Driver Authentication solution to restrict unauthorized vehicle access by only allowing the vehicle to start when an authorized driver is detected in the vehicle. Increase security in high-risk areas like airports and construction sites.

Ensure valuable vehicles and cargo is operated only by suitably trained employees.

Respond in the event of an emergency or accident by connecting the driver with a 24/7 Operations Center and – if required – have roadside assistance sent.

Check vehicle data and location corresponds to information contained within any fines or penalty charges received.

Where required, use these reports as evidence to support any disputes or appeals.

Reduce your company’s environmental impact, avoiding unnecessary trips, optimizing routes, minimizing CO2 emissions, and providing your employees with smarter mobility.

Targa Lite

Identify your fleet’s hidden costs.

targa lite

Our Targa Lite solution was specifically developed to uncover the hidden costs of vehicle ownership, while it is still maintaining the privacy of the driver.

Distinguishing between vehicle usage for business and non-business journeys and correctly managing and policing refueling policies can reduce waste by up to 20%.

Costs arising from company vehicles often accounts significantly to corporate expenditure.
Targa Lite supports companies in mitigating the costs associated with vehicle ownership: purchase, sale or rental, logistics, and the control of costs such as maintenance, fuel, charges, and accidents.

Operating costs include hidden costs that are unaccounted for that only telematics can bring to light: hidden costs that are revealed thanks to data received from connected vehicles.

Initiate a cost-saving campaign by monitoring all your fleet’s parameters.

Our solution highlights waste and inefficiency, allowing you to take corrective action and then monitor the results within your fleet.

Check that fuel charges correspond with the actual refueling of the vehicle, in compliance with company rules.

To maintain privacy, we can configure the solution to only use selected data from the vehicle related to the optimization of operating costs, such as vehicle mileage and verification of off-policy refueling.

All data collected is anonymized and processed in accordance with current privacy regulations (GDPR).

Targa Lite supports the joint efforts of the Fleet Manager and Human Resources by facilitating the drafting of company policies related to vehicle usage and enabling monitoring to ensure compliance.


Select the best vehicles for your fleet.


Targa4Electric allows the analysis of vehicles in your fleet and identifies opportunities for savings, both in terms of costs and environmental impact, helping you to choose the engine types that are best suited to your company’s activities.

In fact, Targa4Electric helps to determine when it is most efficient to replace current vehicles with electric models, facilitating the achievement of sustainability KPIs.

The output is the result of a detailed analysis of your fleet’s current and historical car data.

As part of the process, where your vehicles are not currently equipped with the necessary hardware, we install our telematics device. Only three months to collect data and we provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendation.

Our solution analyses the historical data of each individual car, such as distances, routes, timing, or position of charging stations in the area.

Targa4Electric selects the best vehicles to be included in the fleet, bringing global TCO savings and CO2 emission reduction.

After the replacement, we continue to support you in the conversion of the fleet by providing a range of services to optimize the management of the cars chosen, especially the electric ones.

Based on an analysis of past trips data, vehicles usage and other parameters, Targa Telematics tools can provide information about the potential convenience of setting up an EV charging infrastructure, its location and its technical features.

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