Cross-industry solutions to prevent risks and reduce insurance costs.

Companies with vehicle fleets can often incur high insurance costs, negatively impacting the Total Cost of Ownership for each vehicle. At the same time, insurance companies incur considerable expense when managing unclear or even false claims.

We support our partners and their customers by providing more accurate and reliable risk profiles, effective systems to combat fraud, and detailed, automated, and timely accident reconstructions.

We also develop fast, scalable solutions that allow insurance companies to correctly manage the coverage of new sustainable mobility services, such as car sharing and peer-to-peer.

For Insurance Companies

Data analytics allow a more accurate assessment of the risks of each event and profile, making it possible to offer profiled rates and new services to retain customers.
We can help you reduce compensation costs and prevent fraud.

For Companies with Vehicle Insurance

Reduce insurance premium costs by taking out more suitable policies and negotiating more agreeable terms. Provide the insurer with key information to better manage risk.
Reduce the risk of accidents and vehicle theft with real time notifications, and set risk policies according to different potential hazards or events.

Increase the loyalty of low-risk customers

Reduce inefficiency costs related to accident investigations

Insurance cost savings

Fewer accidents

claims management

Claims Management

We simplify your claims management process by making it easier to determine the liability of the parties involved thanks to detailed information on the dynamics of the accident.

Make compensation management more effective and minimize the risk of error or fraud.

The incident reconstruction of the claim created by our solution represents an objective snapshot of the event and allows you to avoid fraud, data tampering, and interpretation errors.

Our FNOL solution is driven by powerful algorithms, alerting you in real time in the event of a suspected accident.

We enable you to immediately carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the report is correct, validate the information independently, and increase the level of service and assistance provided to your customers.

The solution uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process the data recorded by the telematics device and reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident, ascertaining the actual liability for any damage.

driver profiling

Driver Profiling

Each driver has their own driving style and unique behavior, representing varying levels of risk.

Our technology allows you to develop accurate profiles based on statistical data and analysis of historical behaviors.

Accurate driving profiles allow you to associate the right risk profile with each user.

Insurance companies can thus diversify their policies, rewarding the best drivers.

Customer companies can define policies for risk containment or implement hazard control policies.

Insurance companies can offer customized pricing models based on driving style (pay–how–you-drive) or the actual use of the vehicle (pay–per–drive).



Safety and protection while driving. In the event of an accident or emergency, with our services you can count on assistance and prompt intervention at any time. In the event of theft, our vehicle recovery service, in collaboration with local police authorities, is on hand to assist.

Our Control Rooms are active in Europe 24/7, with multilingual assistance and specialized operators trained specifically on our systems and processes.

In the event of an emergency, the driver can request help from the Control Rooms, which will send roadside assistance directly to where the vehicle is located.

Allows for the location and recovery of stolen vehicles, in partnership with local police forces.

In the event it is impossible to recover the vehicle, the solution facilitates compensation procedures.

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