Internet Of Things

Solutions and applications based on the Internet of Things.

We are surrounded by objects that transmit a huge amount of data through devices, sensors, and applications. Thanks to our consolidated experience in the development of high-tech solutions, we enable and support our customers in fully exploiting the potential of IoT.

With over 24 Terabytes of data processed each day, we connect IoT devices through our digital platform, collecting and analyzing data to offer insights and services to our customers and users through Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, all whilst guaranteeing the highest levels of security.

We also develop new digital products that can optimize operational processes, limit costs, reduce environmental impact, and deliver value-added services for customers and end users.

Increased operational efficiency

Reduced environmental impact

Cost reduction

Increased safety

worker safety

Worker Safety

A solution for the safety of lone workers operating in risky work settings or situations.

The devices supplied collect and communicate data to provide continuous monitoring of the lone worker. Critical events, such as accidental falls, are automatically detected and managed remotely to request assistance and communicate directly with the Control Rooms or to identify situations of potential danger.

The solution can also be used to validate completed working hours, which can assist in the processing of payroll, or for deliveries without a recipient.

internet coffee

Internet of Coffee

The solution to detect the operating status of professional coffee machines, as well as the quality and quantity of product produced.

Using a multilingual dashboard, the activities of the manufacturer, distributors, sales representatives, and services are coordinated, monitoring inventory via web and mobile applications, product replenishment, and providing analysis and statistics to support decision-making processes.


Roadside Assistance

We offer roadside assistance by guiding the mechanic to the broken down vehicle and providing the customer with a customized mobile app and 24/7 call center.

Our IoT platform is used to receive roadside assistance requests, select and locate the mechanic, assign tasks, get feedback on the repair status, and perform analysis of the process efficiency.

supply chain

Supply Chain Management and Control

Application that allows data-driven monitoring of sales and stocks, automated replenishment, and sales analysis and statistics to support the marketing decision-making process.

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