New forms of mobility: flexible, sustainable, and profitable.

We support our partners in co-creating innovative mobility projects that simplify people’s journeys, optimizing the use of vehicles according to the requested service.

Using our keyless access technology, we enable various forms of shared mobility services for companies, public mobility operators, and short-term and long-term rental companies.

Our suite of applications guarantees efficient management of your fleet activities, translating into reduced costs and traffic, lower CO2 emissions, and optimization of available resources, all focused on the needs of the individual.

Mobility Services Suite

We enable the implementation of a wide range of services for public and private mobility, taking advantage of innovative, secure keyless access technology.

Create your own mobility solution, based on your requirements, leveraging our state-of-the-art platform, and benefitting from our experience and expertise acquired from managing more than half a million connected assets.

Front- and Back-End Modules

Our front-end user interfaces have been designed to provide an intuitive and rewarding user experience.

Back-end modules provide the Fleet Manager with all the necessary tools required to manage the fleets’ operations in a straightforward and effective manner.

Moreover, thanks to the use of APIs we can easily integrate with third-party solutions, simplifying processes and helping to keep services fully operational.

Efficient management of the fleet

Reduced environmental impact of mobility

Easy integration with existing company systems

Reduced fuel costs and use of non-fleet vehicles


Public Car Sharing

Provides an innovative, flexible solution that can be available to users around the clock, with 24/7 assistance available from our Control Rooms, as required. The service can be configured according to your requirements and implemented in a matter of weeks. Select the business model that works for you; allow customers to collect and drop-off the vehicle anywhere within a defined area, or restrict these activities to specific locations.

corporate car sharing

Corporate Car Sharing

Corporate Car Sharing enables companies to share their company vehicles safely and efficiently amongst authorized employees, automating the whole registration, booking, collection, and drop-off process.

The solution reduces the Total Cost of Mobility through greater and more efficient use of vehicles already in the fleet, reducing the number of vehicles needed to meet employees’ mobility needs, and limits spend on non-company owned vehicles, such as taxis and reimbursing the use of personal employee vehicles.

The system can be configured to assign most appropriate vehicle according to the employee’s journey requirements. You can even make company vehicles available for private rental by employees for use out of hours, boosting employee satisfaction and generating an additional revenue stream for the company, if desired.

bike scooter sharing

Bike/Scooter Sharing

Our innovative technology can also be applied to bike sharing.

Bikes, mopeds, and scooters meet a growing demand for more current and sustainable mobility.

Collections from and drop-offs to pre-configured approved locations can be managed entirely from a mobile app, branded according to your company’s requirements. The solution enables a variety of innovative business models, such as pay-per-use and pay-per-mile.

peer to peer

Peer to Peer

Peer-to-peer is a new vehicle sharing model for private consumers that is becoming increasingly popular.

Our solution enables this new model by simplifying its setup and management, overcoming the complexities and difficulties of launching the service, including the reliability of reservations, the security of payments, the monitoring of the vehicle while respecting user privacy, and providing immediate use of the vehicle without intervention from the owner.

car pooling

Car Pooling

Travel sharing among a group of people is another of the shared mobility solutions supported by our digital platform, allowing drivers to advertise their forthcoming journeys, specify the routes and times, and enable potential passengers to join.

The system provides a meeting place for supply and demand, allowing both parties to monitor all phases of the journey. When implemented within a corporate environment, it can offer employees safe, cheap, and sustainable methods of travel.

electric charging

Electric Charging

Services dedicated to mobility operators and companies wishing to provide their users with a solution to find charging stations for electric vehicles, and to manage payment charges, all from a single mobile app.

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