Open Mobility Platform - Targa Telematics


The OPEN IoT platform for your mobility products

The Targa Telematics Open Mobility Platform is an automotive-specific IoT platform, already adopted by car makers and primary mobility operators. Advanced IoT devices collect and transmit telematics data from vehicles. This data is transmitted to the Open Mobility Platform, where it is processed using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data analysis algorithms. This solution allows customers to leverage our expertise and technology, providing them with access to the management of connected vehicles, related digital services, and the possibility of creating new mobility products.


The platform is open and can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ information systems and their user-facing web interfaces and mobile apps.

The Open Mobility Platform was developed to be hardware and software agnostic and can manage data flows from both OEM and third-party sources.

The platform also enables streamlined, centralized management of customers’ suppliers and related services, such as anti-theft systems, roadside assistance, and parking and payment systems, by exposing our partner ecosystem and allowing them to choose the services that best suit their needs.

Other Benefits

EASY: Hides the complexity of telematics and the lack of standards in automotive data.

SECURE: Compliant with the highest standards of cybersecurity. Tier-1 for car makers and primary mobility operators, fully meeting complex and highly stringent security requirements.

PERFORMING AND SCALABLE: Processes dozens of TB of data every day and is constantly updated to support future developments.

FAST DEVELOPMENT: Combining our microservices like building blocks ensures fast times for the creation of new mobility products.

Extremely short time-to-market

Hides the fragmentation of automotive data derived from vehicles of different makes and models

Simple management of the ecosystem of our partners and those of customers

Support in making new mobility services profitable thanks to tools and analytics

Differentiation of customers' services from those of their competitors

Autonomy in service creation

Optimization of all activities, including operations

Availability of already integrated mobility data


Open Mobility Platform

Mobility Products
Mobility Layer
IoT Layer
Telematics Data

Layer that includes the noise filtering and elimination activities of the on-board sensors, based on algorithms specific for automotive telematics.

External data sources such as databases (cartography), technical information of each vehicle model.

Data processing in which mobility data is used to normalize telematic data. The data is now ready for use in applications.

Each Microservice represents a set of functions, which can be filled and implemented independently: it forms the basis for the creation of the most advanced automotive applications.

Thanks to Big data analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our technology creates the digital representation of each vehicle, making it possible to apply specific models and algorithms for the automotive sector.

The real-time engines process the flows of data, allowing them to be immediately matched with digital twins, identifying relationships between the two modes of representation on a continuous basis.