Targa Plexer

Innovative devices that enable the most advanced functions of your mobility services.

Mobility operators are constantly looking to innovate their products through the development of new services that focus on customers and their mobility needs. The speed and profitability of the new services offered to customers become critical assets for competing and winning in this new market.

Targa’s hardware solution manages the complexity required to interact with the numerous vehicle models on the market, providing development teams with an interface that allows access to standardized data through data streams and APIs.

The latest hardware solutions are further developed internally with application and data processing modules, providing results that cannot be achieved with traditional devices. This allows our customers who add an on-board device to achieve performance and reliability, and to accelerate the development of the most complex features of their software platform and with rapid results!


Short-term rental company.

Keyless rental solution for a fleet with 20 different vehicle models.


Long-term rental company.

Flexible, modular rental service based on the distance traveled.


Long-term rental company.

 Peer-2-Peer rental solution amongst users.


Urban mobility operator.

Launch of an electric car sharing service.



Targa Plexer is compatible with more than 800 models of:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cars
  • Electric vehicles
  • 3 wheels, fuel and electric
  • Motorbikes (with CAN BUS)

Targa Telematics is constantly expanding the compatibility of new vehicle models around the world, with new releases every week.


The functional modules available on Targa Plexer allow customers to activate the components useful for the development of their mobility product, such as:

  • Driving style and safety
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Reducing insurance costs
  • Control of operating costs (e.g. fuel)
  • Shared mobility (unlocking/locking doors, monitoring fuel and refueling, etc.)
targa plexer

Targa Plexer gives you the opportunity to choose the functions that best suit your needs, ensuring the development of unique, differentiated products compared to the Smart Mobility products of your competitors.

This is possible thanks to the modularity of our services: the devices have some functions that are pre-loaded, but it’s possible to add additional libraries that can expand the enabled activities based on your needs.

Furthermore, thanks to the device’s connectivity it’s possible to upgrade and maintain it remotely, so your hardware is always up to date.

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