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What to do if your vehicle is stolen?

Please call the Control Rooms immediately:

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows you to talk with qualified, dedicated personnel able to assist you in the event of theft or an emergency, coordinating directly with the police and local authorities.


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    I can’t log into the site / My login details are wrong / I’ve lost my login details, what should I do?

    Contact support by sending an email to or submit a request.


    How do I log into the platform? Where do I enter the login info I received?

    Log into the members area from the link and enter your login info, or from the website click on LOGIN at the top-right to enter the platform with your login info.


    If there are no roads on the map, what do you see?

    If the tracker is not on the road, the icon will be positioned in the relative area.


    How do you deliver the product? Can I provide a different address?

    The product is delivered by express courier. You can specify an alternative delivery address if different from the billing address.


    I would like to buy or integrate your products/services. Who should I contact?

    Send an email to to be contacted by a sales consultant, who will propose the best solution after assessing your specific needs. Otherwise contact the relevant sales representative.


    I have received your products, what should I do now?

    If the device requires installation by our personnel, contact the sales representative to schedule an appointment. Otherwise send an email to to receive further information, or fill out the form available at www.targatelematics/en/support/.

    I need to install a device on a new car, what should I do?

    Follow the instructions you received when you purchased the device regarding the addition of new vehicles so they can be tested. Alternatively, follow the instructions in the device’s box.

    My car was found after being stolen or an attempted theft. Do I have to replace the satellite device?

    Contact the Help Desk at 011 23 993 11 to check if the device has been tampered with and to receive further information, or send an email to

    What does the Control Room do?

    The Control Room is a 24/7 service that allows you to talk with qualified, dedicated personnel able to assist in the event of theft or an emergency, coordinating directly with the police and relevant local authorities.

    What number should I call if a vehicle is stolen?

    In the event of a theft, contact the toll-free number 800 206 206.

    The device is not working properly or has problems: who should I contact? Write an email or fill out the form available at https://www.targatelematics/supporto/. How does the vehicle engine block work? The function allows for the remote immobilization of the vehicle by the Control Room. The control inhibits the re-starting of the vehicle’s engine in compliance with road safety standards. Can I move the device to another vehicle? Yes, but you must first provide us information on the vehicle to be installed. After receiving our feedback, proceed with the test using the app, contacting an installer. You may need to resubmit some documents. I want to change phone / cell / address, how do I communicate this information? Any changes must be communicated by email to If the device doesn’t work, is it replaced free of charge? The device is covered by warranty for 24 months from the date of installation, and replacement is covered in the event of malfunctions or defects of the components. Is it possible to reactivate a canceled or closed contract? Such matters are handled on a case-by-case basis. Normally it is possible, but interventions may also be necessary by a mechanic at the customer’s expense. I found one of your devices on my car but I didn’t buy it. What should I do? If the car is used the device is not working, so we do not receive or collect any data. If you want to purchase the services associated with the tracker, send an email to help.desk@targatelematics.comor submit a request. Is the SIM included? Do you have to pay extra for data transmission? The SIM card is included with any traffic costs related to the service You will not be charged for anything other than the annual fee. Do you provide the SIM? What SIMs do you use? The SIMs are provided by Targa Telematics. The SIMs used belong to the machine to machine (M2M) category and are enabled for data transmission. Are location maps compatible for displaying positions on Apple/Android or cell phones in general? Yes, Android and iOS smartphone apps are available in the respective stores. How much does installation cost? For information regarding the method of installation and type of product, please contact your sales representative. What kind of customer support do you provide? 24/7/365 support is provided for safety services. Does the service work internationally? Yes, the service can also be configured to work internationally. Do I have to pay any replacement costs? Only outside the warranty period. Is the device activated by Targa Telematics? Yes, after installation the device is activated after passing the test. Do you need dedicated software to use the device and access the services? No, the software is accessible via the web, without the need to install any special components. You can also download the Android and iOS smartphone app. Which map can I use to see? The maps used are updated periodically and are available in your customer area, accessible from the Targa Telematics website or smartphone apps. I have a question or a request but I can’t find the answer in the FAQ. What should I do? Write an email to with all the information necessary to reply, or submit a request.