DPV chose Targa Lite to reduce waste within corporate fleet management.

“Targa Lite is the answer to our need: it’s been a while since we have started looking for a solution to charge our drivers a fee related to the use of the vehicle for non-work purposes in the most correct and transparent way. Thanks to its implementation we have calculated a potential ROI of 351% in one year. ”

Daniele Conti, Hub Manager and Fleet Manager of DPV


DPV is a leading Italian company in Go-to-Market solutions supporting customers’ retail marketing strategies. Through dedicated and multi-client teams, DPV supports brands in continuous point of sale monitoring activities, able to connect consumers with products, maximizing their presence and increasing sales


DPV was looking for a solution to control the operating costs of corporate mobility. In fact, with a fleet of approx. 300 vehicles, the car is the second cost item after staff salaries. It is therefore essential to leverage the cost items, whose precise management includes fuel, rental, tolls and mileage, to generate significant savings.

Targa Lite is a valid tool to support the daily operations of fleet and mobility managers.


DPV has installed the Targa Lite Fleet Management solution to manage its fleet using IoT technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data analysis. By entering its reference parameters on the web platform, such as the working calendar, the fuel card, which the system also imports through automation, and the tolerance threshold set with respect to the use of fuel, Daniele Conti, DPV Hub Manager and Fleet Manager, set the saving targets and monitored the achievement, and then evaluated whether or not to apply corrective measures to the entire fleet, portions of it or specific groups. Furthermore, with the “Refuelling Validation Report”, the fleet manager has the certainty that the litres of fuel purchased by the company are actually inside the tanks of the fleet cars.


Targa Lite allows fleet managers to identify and reduce waste in company fleets, generating significant savings. The advantage of introducing this innovative solution is evident from the first two months of use. . In fact, it has been calculated that a company can reduce waste by up to 20%, in addition to having the tools to actually evaluate the economic return on investment.

Targa Lite also provides the possibility of implementing and tracking proactive waste awareness actions. In addition, it is a solution that allows companies to leverage their assets to facilitate the private mobility of employees, allowing them to use the fleet also outside working hours.

  • Identify and reduce fleet waste
  • Monitor mileage for non-work purposes or non-professional activities
  • Attribute the correct rate to the driver according to Corporate policies
  • Monitor extra costs for refuelling made without due attention to the price of fuel per litre
  • Improvement of rental fees
  • Have a refuelling validation report at your disposal
  • Make the corporate fleet available to employees also for private use