Protect the fleet from theft and preserve its value, priorities of Hertz Italy

“We are very satisfied with the results we are achieving, thanks to the adoption of the Targa Telematics solution with which we have equipped cars and commercial vehicles. Hertz is a company very attentive to technological development and the IoTenhanced digital solutions that Targa Telematics makes available to us guarantee efficient fleet management, which is a strategic asset for our business.”

Massimiliano Archiapatti, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Hertz Italia


Hertz Corporation is the largest car rental company in the world, on the market since over 95 years with over 30 million rentals worldwide with approx. 10,200 agencies in more than 150 countries.

In Italy, Hertz is present with a widespread network of over 230 agencies.


With one of the largest fleets of rental vehicles, Hertz Italia wanted to significantly mitigate the damage caused by the longstanding phenomenon of theft by increasing the recovery rate of stolen vehicles. Thanks to Targa Telematics’ digital solutions, in the first months of 2020, 95% of the vehicles in the fleet that had been stolen were recovered.

This extraordinary result is the outcome of a profitable and long-lasting partnership. For five years, Targa Telematics has been the supplier of the technological platform for managing the fleet of Hertz Italy, which has obtained an important return on investment, also thanks to optimization of the operational fleet management processes and of the insurance costs incurred.


Targa Telematics Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solution is enhanced by the application of IoT developed on systems that make massive and specific use of machine learning, based on Big Data analysis

Thanks to a continuous investment in new technologies and the study of theft models, as well as the updating of operating procedures and algorithms through the artificial intelligence module of Targa Telematics’ open mobility platform, Hertz Italia has been able to significantly reduce the damage caused by theft and preserve the value of individual vehicles. Together with the solution, the services of the Operations Centre, active 24/7, are provided, which intervenes in case of theft, analyzes the information and collaborates with the Police for timely recovery of the vehicle.

The application of IoT to digital Fleet Management solutions, in addition to the value represented by the progressive increase over the years in the stolen vehicle recovery index, has generated a significant return on investment (ROI) of 70% over the course of a year, optimizing operational fleet processes and the insurance costs incurred.


Targa Telematics offers efficient solutions and fast response times for all the needs of the vehicle rental market, from installation by specialized personnel at authorized car-maker sites to assistance in the event of recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Asset management solutions enabled by the open mobility platform allow operational decisions to be supported in a precise and effective manner and possible cases of theft to be identified in a timely and precise way, intervening together with the Police and preserving the company’s assets. This is in addition to a significant return on investment, thanks to optimization of the operational fleet management processes and of the insurance costs incurred.

  • Reduce risks related to theft or tampering
  • Preserve the value of fleet vehicles
  • Maximize fleet control and associated vehicle resale revenue
  • Ensure driver safety and assistance 24/7
  • Provide tools specific to rental companies and their needs
  • Easily integrate the technological solution with existing systems
  • Generate a return on investment in just a few months
  • Reduce insurance costs per vehicles equipped with telematics