Three technological solutions to help managers make their fleets greener

Meet us at Fleet & Mobility Live 2022

Three technological solutions to help managers make their fleets greener

Meet us at Fleet & Mobility Live 2022

Building on 20-years’ experience of supporting corporate fleets with telematics, Targa Telematics has developed several technological solutions to help companies reduce the environmental impact of their fleets.

Adhering to their principles of enabling customers to achieve a competitive edge through technology whilst also promoting sustainability, Targa Telematics introduces its solutions to support fleet electrification, optimise green fleet management, and to implement corporate car sharing.

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The Shift to Electric

With Targa4Electrics, fleet managers can analyse their entire fleet to identify opportunities for efficiency – both in terms of cost saving and reducing environmental impact – and to evaluate vehicles that can potentially be replaced by electric models.
The solution considers, amongst other things, the data history of each car and the purpose and context of its use to reach an objective conclusion regarding the efficiency and profitability of a potential conversion, identifying the best choice of propulsion between thermal and hybrid electricity.
Targa Telematics continues supporting the fleet managers beyond the initial assessment, helping them to manage the conversion process by developing a plan for customers wishing to switch to electric vehicles. The solution is tailored to their needs and to the rationale behind the conversion: though environmental sustainability through the reduction of a fleet’s carbon footprint is a principal motivator, going green has a considerable positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Switching to EVs can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, as well as other expenses such as road tax and congestion zone charging.
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Managing a Green Fleet

Once the fleet has been optimised, the solution continues to support the fleet manager by providing a suite of tools to enable the effective management of EVs in the fleet.
This includes insights and data related to battery usage, recharging events and infrastructure, and optimal driver performance.
Also the company Fleet Management solutions make it possible to manage both vehicles and people more effectively and safely, thus saving resources and enabling new business models.
In particular it enables fleet managers to identify and reduce inefficiencies, cut management costs, make thoughtful and timely decisions, ensure compliance with company policies and improve driver safety while remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

Corporate Car Sharing

Corporate Car Sharing enables companies to share their company vehicles safely and efficiently amongst authorised employees thanks to Targa Telematics’ keyless technology.
The solution helps deliver a reduction in the Total Cost of Mobility through a greater and more efficient use of vehicles already in the fleet, whilst ensuring the employee has a convenient way of satisfying their journey requirements. 

In addition to helping to optimise the company vehicle fleet, Corporate Car Sharing provides additional benefits by monitoring vehicle usage and mileage and reducing fleet management costs and CO2 emissions.

11-12 October 2022

Fleet & Mobility Live

NEC, Birmingham, UK

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