Targa Telematics, Stellantis’s technological partner for My Fleet Manager.

“This initiative is of strategic importance to Stellantis as part of the new ecosystem for connected vehicles. Through the My Fleet Manager solution developed with Targa Telematics, we will offer a whole series of functionalities aimed at the Enterprise Mobility world, so as to provide real time monitoring of corporate fleets and reduction of the related management TCO”.

Francesco Abruzzesi, Head of MOPAR EMEA.


Stellantis is one of the leading car manufacturers worldwide. A protagonist of the new mobility era, it is guided by a clear vision: offer freedom of movement with exclusive, convenient and reliable mobility solutions. In addition to the Group’s extensive know-how and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths are sustainable performance, profound experience and the great talent of its employees working worldwide. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio created by visionaries who have passed on the passion that inspires employees and customers to the various brands. Stellantis strives for excellence, not greatness, and aims to create added value for all stakeholders and communities in which it operates.


In a context in which the ability to extract value from collected data is becoming increasingly crucial, Stellantis needed to develop fleet management solutions for business customers in the European market, going beyond the simple installation of a black box capable of recording and transmitting vehicle data.

Stellantis needed to create a true technological architecture capable of communicating with individual vehicles, gradually integrating services and solutions aimed at making their management and maintenance more effective and efficient, and ensuring a better user experience for both drivers and fleet managers.

Everything had to have a simple, intuitive interface that was fully accessible remotely, and fleet managers had to have absolute, real-time control over activities, service status, maintenance and servicing of each vehicle. In addition, the solution had to include specific capabilities for electric cars, so connectivity became a key enabler


Already in 2018, Targa Telematics was providing FCA, now Stellantis, with technological solutions for fleet monitoring intended for both the B2C and B2B markets, providing a digital platform to allow fleet managers and FCA car owners to monitor the state of wear of vehicles in real time.

The collaboration between Stellantis and Targa Telematics and the innovative content of the solution are now further strengthened with the creation of the new “My Fleet Manager”. Targa Telematics’ digital platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, communicates with vehicles, collecting individual vehicle data and reprocessing it, with the result of generating profitability and safety for business customers who use My Fleet Manager in their connected fleets.

Connectivity is the fundamental enabler of the specific functions of “My Fleet Manager” for not only electric cars, allowing the fleet manager to: check the level and state of charge of the battery, start the charging session remotely, schedule charging slots having visibility of the entire fleet; set departure time of vehicles and make sure that drivers find them at a comfortable temperature (pre-conditioning).


A simple, intuitive interface that is fully accessible remotely; absolute, control over activities, service status, maintenance and servicing of each vehicle. All this in real time and wherever you are.

Indeed, Targa Telematics directly integrates its services with the solutions provided by the customer or by the car manufacturer, or even installed in the after-market, in order to offer a suite of Fleet Management applications for corporate fleets of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and for any car model and engine type, whether internal combustion, electric or hybrid.

Moreover, Fleet Management solutions can be digitally activated without further interventions, as a service upgrade.

  • Optimized management of the fleet and individual vehicles
  • Real-time and remote fleet monitoring
  • More efficient fleet maintenance and management
  • Improvement of driver and Fleet Manager user-experience Manager
  • Timely support for every individual vehicle
  • Direct and gradual integration of services with solutions already installed by the manufacturer or in the after market
  • Reduction of fleet management Total Cost of Ownership