Targa Telematics supports AON in the development of Flee, the pay per use long term renting service

“This collaboration is based on a common intent and vision, in that both companies strongly believe in the values of innovation and technological development, for the benefit of people, companies and the environment

Gabriele Ratti, AON Mobility Solutions Director.


Aon is the leading group in Italy and worldwide in risk and human resources consultancy and insurance and reinsurance broking. The Group is present in Italy with over 257 main offices and employs over 1,500 people to provide SMEs, large industrial and financial groups, public bodies and professionals with tailored solutions for adequate risk management.


The digital insurance sector is and will continue to be a fast-growing segment, requiring innovation and cutting-edge solutions to meet the new mobility needs of users. Aon is relying on Targa Telematics’ expertise to co-create and integrate new functionalities and offer a range of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions to meet new consumer needs. Hence Flee, the long-term pay-per-use rental service. The service is addressed to companies, which can offer their employees personalized mobility solutions, with the advantage of including mileage in the company’s welfare scheme, as well as promoting a culture of sustainability and offering services dedicated to those who choose environmentally friendly transport solutions.


Flee is a solution which, thanks to Targa Telematics’ know-how and its IoT platform based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, aims to become an industry benchmark. Flee is available on a pay-per-use basis, i.e. users can rent a new car on a long-term basis, taking advantage of a flexible installment, consisting of a fixed amount for the vehicle and a variable amount that includes a premium insurance package, in addition to customer support services, to be paid according to the actual use of the vehicle. An innovative and digital green mobility solution, with the possibility of choosing between Euro 6 or electric and hybrid models and understanding how environmentally friendly, as well as safe one’s driving is, being able to rely on 24/7 emergency assistance.


Targa Telematics’ technology enables long-term pay-per-use rentals, in line with new consumer needs. Flee customers can precisely monitor their fuel consumption via the app and check that their driving style is safe by analyzing indicators such as cornering, braking, exceeding the speed limit and the proper use of seat belts. An eco-sustainable solution, thanks to the monitoring of other parameters, such as, in the case of internal combustion engine cars, highlighting CO2 emissions, fuel consumed and the time spent parked with the engine running.

  • Innovative, digital and sustainable mobility solution
  • Flexibility and savings through the pay-per-use formula
  • Protection and assistance available 24/7
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption and driving style, to help the driver drive in a green and safe way
  • Tax benefits, with the possibility of making mileage consumption part of the corporate welfare scheme
  • Integrated, user-customized mobility service