Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analitycs: from data to knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop innovative Artificial Intelligence algorithms that use data and modelling to analyze and solve increasingly complex problems, particularly with respect to the use of connected vehicles.

The quality of big data and algorithms determines the accuracy of the results, which in turn influences the choices of decision makers at various levels: vehicle manufacturers, rental companies, fleet managers, and the drivers themselves.

We have always been committed to a process of continuous improvement of our Artificial Intelligence models to ensure increasingly precise, effective, and rapid responses and suggested actions.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is becoming increasingly central to the management of fleets of connected vehicles. Highly sophisticated algorithms allow the Open Mobility Platform – the automotive IoT platform – to learn how to identify significant events, facilitating interactions and appropriate business actions.

For example, Machine Learning makes it possible to identify patterns of a potential vehicle theft or misappropriation and automatically alert the Control Room, or to recognize a vehicle that needs maintenance, prompting the driver or operative to take the appropriate action.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Gartner estimates that by 2025, car manufacturers will be able to collect 1GB of data from connected vehicles every month. At the same time, self-driving cars with a level 3-5 SAE rating will generate 1TB of data every hour, even if less than 1% will be transferred to the cloud.

This scenario directly impacts the management of data on digital platforms: this flow of data could overwhelm under-performing information systems, but when correctly managed, the information that can be acquired can be precise and valuable for all stakeholders involved.

Already today we process dozens of TBs per day in real time, offering our customers solutions that can collect, understand, and monetize data from connected vehicles, facilitating quick decisions and enabling the creation of innovative mobility services.



We have developed our IoT Open Mobility Platform according to the “Secure By Design” (SBD) approach, ensuring maximum security and privacy in every part of the data management process.

The robustness of the software is periodically tested by surprise penetration tests by the Secure Operating Center, testing the platform’s resistance to new cyber attacks. This way the company is able to anticipate external intrusion attempts and minimize the vulnerability of its systems and solutions.

This is one of the reasons why Targa Telematics has been chosen as a provider of automotive and IoT services by companies and sectors requiring very high security standards, including vehicle manufacturers, short and long-term rental companies, insurance companies, large corporates, airports, and shared mobility operators.



We have advanced devices capable of collecting and transmitting telematics data from vehicles in a precise, fast, and reliable manner.

The sensors and instruments available detect data such as satellite tracking, control unit signals, vehicle status, driver recognition, presence of heavy machinery booms or power takeoffs, and so on.

Through the device’s network connection, this data is transferred to our IoT platform where it is processed and made available to our suite of value-added applications.

OEM data

The connected vehicle is a hot topic in the automotive industry. Indeed, connectivity enables many key trends in the market, such as electric, shared, and autonomous mobility.


Nowadays, most modern vehicles are manufactured with connected sensors embedded inside, enabling geolocation, driver behavior, vehicle health and servicing data, amongst others, to be collected remotely in real time.


Targa Telematics is the partner of choice for leveraging OEM connected vehicle data in a fast and easy way, providing powerful insights about fleets and delivering seamless mobility experiences to customers.

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