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High-tech accessories and devices for collecting and transmitting telematics data from vehicles. Diagnostic information, satellite tracking, theft reports, driving style, and much more.

A suite of data that, when optimally processed and analyzed, generates huge added value for companies that consider vehicles amongst their key assets. Savings, safety, efficiency. At every level. For every vehicle.

GPS tracking and Anti-theft

Engine remote immobilization

RFID / iButton reader for driver identification

Accessories for trailers / heavy machinery (power take-offs, booms etc)

Temperature probe

SOS kit for emergency calls

Engine diagnostics data


GV55 / GV55N

The GV55 series is a set of GPS mini-trackers designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications. It includes two models based on quad band GPRS/GSM subsystems, or on both GPRS/GSM and UMTS subsystems, enabling real-time location or periodic tracking.

The series mounts multiple I/O interfaces that can be used to monitor external devices. The integrated GPS receiver is particularly sensitive and therefore able to rapidly get the first GPS fix.

The built-in triaxial accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms.


GV300TP – Targa Plexer Smart

GV300TP is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications.

Small in size, the device has multiple I/O interfaces that can be used to monitor and control external devices to offer a wide range of mobility services.

The reduced consumption of the device and the capacity of the internal battery guarantee a long life, even without an external power supply.

The device sends different types of reports including motion detection, emergency situations, crossing of virtual boundaries such as a geo-fence, external power monitoring, and GNSS position acquisition scheduling, which can be easily expanded in case of new future needs.

It can be installed on the cars of all manufacturers.

GV300TP - IP67

The GV300TP-IP67 is the “waterproof” version of the GV300TP, electronically identical to the previous version, but designed to be used also in harsh environments, such as exposure to rain or environments subject to dust, whose robustness to such weather conditions has been certified by qualified laboratories.


The GV302TP 4G WW is the new version of the GV300TP, which also provides compatibility with the 4G mobile network signal.

GV302TP 4G WW - IP67

The GV302TP 4G WW IP67 is the “waterproof” version of the GV302TP 4G WW compatible with the 4G mobile network signal, suitable for vehicles exposed to the weather such as, for example, motorcycles or agricultural machinery without a cab.

Supereasy 200


A stand-alone telematic device designed to allow easy installation by customers, thanks also to the inclusion of complete documentation for the multifunction Track protocol.
It includes a GSM module and a satellite module for geo-tracking, a battery, a microprocessor, Bluetooth connection, and built-in 6-axis accelerometer that allows motion and accident detection, data collection both before and after an accident, and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms.


The GL50 series are self-powered tracking devices designed for stolen vehicle recovery (SVR). Each device features new hardware and a high-performance internal battery for operation without an external power supply. It is equipped with a 3D accelerometer for sending real-time signals in the event of movement. It can be programmed to send its position at predetermined times.

It was specially designed to be compact and ergonomic for simple installation inside the vehicle.


The GL51 is an evolution of the GL50 series, featuring a longer battery life (and thus operation) than previous models.

GL51B Lite

The GL51B-Lite is a lighter version of the GL51, without Bluetooth.



Waterproof GPS trackers ideal for boats and for use in water sports and motorcycling.

The GV75 series includes two GPS trackers designed for boats and water sports and is equipped with a waterproof case with IP67 protection rating. Its multiple interfaces for inputs/outputs can be used to support a wide range of external accessories.



Easy-to-use, waterproof GNSS tracker with panic button, ideal for personal security and resource monitoring applications. The GL300N is a resource tracker designed for monitoring isolated workers, vehicles, pets, and other resources. The ergonomic button makes the GL300N ideal for applications requiring a quick emergency warning or the immediate creation of a virtual boundary based on the current.



Safety telephone for disabled and vulnerable people, equipped with a “man down” alert function. The GT301 is a GNSS safety phone designed for the safety of isolated workers and vulnerable people. The model includes an OLED display that displays incoming text messages and 20 phone numbers in the address book. It also has 4 configurable quick call buttons and 1 configurable emergency call button for the SOS alarm.